The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook

The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook

The less you hear about a relationship on facebook , the better it’s going.

As far as I can discern, Facebook is a website you can visit to be frightened and disgusted by your parents’ political views.

It’s like a quarantine zone. All the pollutants of humanity are contained in there, so as to protect real-life from the worst kind of people. But we all have to log in. Otherwise, we’d never hear from our family again. If everyone left Facebook today, we’d all realize we each only have, like, four actual friends.

I’m pretty sure the only thing to even do on Facebook is hiding Candy Crush requests with a gun in your mouth. So yeah, dipping your relationship into that Internet toxic waste dump isn’t the most rewarding endeavor.

The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook
The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook

There are basically two ways relationships appear on Facebook, and they’re both bad. First, the couples that air dirty laundry.

As a reference point, here are the three most cringe-worthy things in the universe:

  1. Donald Trump’s Twitter account
  2. The mere existence of Juggalos
  3. Couples bitching about each other on social media.

But that doesn’t stop trashy couples from arguing over whatever dumb sh*t on Facebook. Plain and simple, it says you don’t give a f*ck about your partner’s feelings, about privacy, and about your relationship.

You’re not a team if you’re willing to spar in front of other people like an audience; you’re literally combatants. And that doesn’t even begin to mention all the passive-aggressive posts. “That feeling when SOMEONE forgot to pick up Arby’s on the way home for your birthday — feeling quixotic.”

Yes, I know that roast “beef” equals true love, but maybe address it with your partner? All it says is you’re looking for external validation for your feelings. Do you know what a real couple does when something goes wrong? They talk about it and figure out how to keep from hurting each other’s feelings in the future.

The second way couples appear on Facebook takes the form of “envy our perfect life” over-sharing couple. Don’t be jealous; their Facebook wall is quite literally a façade. It’s like they’re trying to convince themselves by repetition. Shouldn’t a great relationship speak for itself?

Or perhaps it’s an unhealthy obsession with their image, rather than the relationship itself.

NFL legend Walter Payton once said, “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”

People notice when you’re in an amazing relationship. It reflects in your life in so many ways. We all want to shout it from the mountaintops now and then, but how creepy would it be to call every one of your friends and family every day and remind them you still love your partner?

That’s what nonstop Facebook posting amounts to.

In short, great relationships are the antithesis of the above couples. They resolve issues without getting innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. The person they most want to share the joy of their relationship with is each other, not 400 strangers.

They know that there’s value in secret little moments that no one else gets to know about. They know that showing your love through a third party lessens its sincerity because when you have an audience, everything feels like a performance.

They don’t spend time on Facebook; they spend it with each other.

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Written by Bob Alaburda This article was originally published by

The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook
The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook
The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook
The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook

56 thoughts on “The Best Sign Of A Healthy Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook”

  1. No signs is a bit drastic. If you’re truly happy in life its ok to share that. going to the extreme and throwing everything out there is no the way to be. But a sparingly posting just to send a positive message of love is what we need more of on social media

  2. Nope… I share the ins and outs of life. I believe that sharing my stories and how I handle them might help someone going through something similar. But I share the good and the bad, not just the drama.

  3. Think it is nice if you clarify that you are in a relationship – otherwise it is our business . And agree – time spent on social media should be self limiting – am working on this one x

  4. OMG, that is so true……..not going to name any names though………if you got it, you know it and everyone can see and feel it……..besides put those phones down and talk to each other…just saying

  5. I have a very different experience of Facebook than the writer of this article. I appreciate your viewpoint but I feel like this confirms I don’t belong on your page. I wish you well.

  6. uh oh, well I have to agree. can’t argue with that. I spend way too much time on here. I’m addicted and need to find a way to wean myself off of it. So many other things I could be doing.

  7. If think if you are in love and proud, share away!!! I’m in love and don’t care who knows! For that matter, I think love you be expressed more often! We don’t see enough of it these days 🙂

  8. I agree a little in what the article is saying. .. l also think facebook is a place you need to take with a grain of salt… don’t believe everything you read because your only seeing what that person wants you to see.. we all hide things from family and friends…. if you are depressed it can be an awful place to visit …. if you are lonely an awful place to check into…. but it can be a lovely place to lie to yourself and the ones you love

  9. I’m surprised the author was allowed to trash talk people for a group that is supposed to be about living positively. Not a very constructive or well written article. This is someone griping about her Facebook feed and people she has problems with. Sad.

  10. I think it is just a way some can hide their true self . If someone will not allow you to become friends on facebook or acknowledge you and at lease put up in a relationship… It is unfair on two accounts one is that someone on the profile has a priority in the persons life and without the knowledge of someone’s status they will go a long with the person. This is a hurt in both directions.. This is how cheating is so easy.. if a man or women will not allow you on their profile… they are hiding you… and they are hiding someone else.. no excuse.. be open , so why be in a relationship at all and play the field.. don’t put others on hold for selfish reasons put in a relationship and be honest.. be real… remember they have hearts and those hearts can be broken by what you don’t do….or what you are doing… just a thought…

  11. You could quite as easily argue that not allowing any aspect or feelings, about your relationship to be expressed on Facebook was a fear of being judged by others. Or even a similar facade, a game of one-upmanship comparing one’s relationship to others: sat at home saying “look how great our relationships is” to your partner, because you don’t express it on Facebook. Sometimes, things are obvious by their absence, rather than their presence. Only an individual can know their true motives and often that can be hidden from us, or to complex and multi-faceted to be determined coherently.

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