12 Signs Someone Is Secretly Jealous Of You

Signs Someone Secretly Jealous of you

No matter how good you are as a human, and genuinely deserving of the good things in your life, there will always be someone who will be jealous of you.

We all feel amazing when we accomplish certain goals in our lives but some people are quick to put a damper on that happiness.
These are the people who you think are your well-wishers but instead of sharing in your joy, they are jealous of you, and consequently, they say and do cruel things to you.

Jealous people usually suffer from an inferiority complex and tend to covet the things that others have. But jealousy in itself is not unnatural.

We’ve all felt jealous at times but most of us are able to hide it and continue with our lives. However, the same can’t be said for everyone. It’s not easy to handle a jealous person. The following are 12 signs that will enable you to find out if someone around you is jealous.

Here Are 12 Signs Someone Is Secretly Jealous Of You

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1. Imitation.

A person who is jealous of your career, your relationships, your clothes and so on, will do their best to be like you, to the point of imitating you. Oscar Wilde said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but most times it is simply irritating when others’ steal your ideas.

But rather than getting angry, it is best to help these people find their own persona. Do your best to teach them that they should be themselves in order to succeed.

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2. Bogus compliments.

A jealous person will make you feel like they’re praising you but the moment your back is turned, they will start making snide remarks about you.

Rather than trying to let go of their jealousy, they’ll just act like they don’t care at all. Do not stoop down to their level. Appreciate them for their success whenever they deserve it.

3. Belittling your success.

They will constantly try to disparage your achievements, sometimes going to very cruel lengths to do so.
Remember that there is no point in trying to tell them otherwise because they will just go on doing so. Just be modest and matter of fact about your achievements.

Jealous Of You

4. They will gloat about your mistakes.

If you make even one mistake or face the smallest loss, a jealous person will be the first to say ‘I told you so’. Even the tiniest of failures on your part will make them feel satisfied and happy.

Don’t let their harsh words affect you. As long as you stick to the right path there is not much they can do stop you from being successful.

5. They are not fair-weather friends.

Usually, you will notice that some people will only stick around for as long as you are successful. If you fail, they’ll run like rats on a sinking ship.

But jealous people are the opposite. If they see that you’re fulfilling your goals, they will slink away. This is because your well-being only increases their jealousy and feelings of insecurity. They will dislike the spotlight being on you so they prefer to leave rather than feel insignificant.

6. You will be their rival in their eyes.

A jealous person will try to start up a rivalry with you because they desire to be better than you and will do anything to show that they are superior.

Don’t allow yourself to be provoked by them. This kind of rivalry is unhealthy and they will not hesitate to use shady tactics to bring you down.

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7. Rumormongers.

Jealous people will take any opportunity they can find to talk about you behind your back, and they will definitely not be saying good things.

Sometimes they’re downright spiteful and nasty and they won’t even think twice about spreading rumors, even ones they know are false.

Don’t let yourself be affected by their toxic nature. It is best to bring it up with them as soon as you can. Be resolute and earnest when you confront them and you might be able to convince them to stop.

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