5 Signs You Are Surrounded By Envy And Jealousy


Signs You Are Surrounded By Envy And Jealousyv

Have you ever been successful after years of hard work, but people around you looked unhappy about it? Well, you might be a victim of envy then.

Feelings of envy or jealousy are more common than you think, especially when it comes to the happiness and success of other people. No matter how good of a person you are, there is always going to be that one person, who will not be able to digest your success. Be it getting that much-coveted promotion, getting married to the love of your life, or buying your dream house with your hard-earned money; someone or the other will always feel envious of it all.

Even if you are the most humble person on the face of the earth, it still won’t protect you from this. As long as you have admirable qualities in yourself, such as hard work, discipline, diligence, talent, creativity, etc., there will always be haters. 

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Here Are 5 Signs That You Are A Victim Of Envy

1. They are overly critical about your work and dissect your every move. 

When someone is envious of you, they will do everything possible to criticize you. They will criticize you every step of the way, and even for the smallest of things. In order to feel better about themselves, they will bully you, try to put you down, and work hard to make you question your self-confidence and talent.

Your haters will wait with bated breath for you to make a mistake so that they can pounce on you immediately and make you out to be someone, who is stupid and incompetent. Even if you try to give a sincere apology, they will rebuff you and continue to attack you for your ‘mistakes’.

2. They hate it when you receive compliments and recognition. 

One of the biggest signs that you are a victim of envy is when you see that some people are clearly not happy when you are on the receiving end of appreciation and recognition. People who are dominated by jealousy will never be able to see someone else happy and climbing up the ranks.

They never consider the fact that you might have worked very hard to reach where you are now, and that you deserve every bit of the success coming your way.

They might not be bad people at the end of the day; they are simply too bogged down by their own insecurities and shortcomings. They might never behave badly with you, but whenever someone compliments you, you will notice that they look irritated and unhappy.

Victim Of Envy
Victim Of Envy

3. They always compare your life with theirs and undermine your struggles. 

Probably one of the typical traits of being an envious person is when someone looks to undermine your much-deserved success by claiming that you got everything easily. Or that everything was handed to you on a silver platter. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that you might have worked very hard to reach where you are, and that whatever you have achieved, you have done it all on your own.

Worse still, if they have had a harder life than yours, they will tend to underestimate your struggles and hardships by saying that you had it easier than them.

And that is the only reason why you got to fulfill your dreams and be successful. An extremely toxic mentality, isn’t it? No matter how much effort you might have put in to make your dreams a reality, it will never be good enough.

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4. They try to put you down by targetting your intelligence and talents. 

How do you think an envious person feels when they cannot locate any flaws in your character, personality, or work? Do they give up and finally acknowledge your positive attributes? Well, unfortunately, the answer is a big resounding NO. In such a situation, they resort to denouncing your character in any way they can, including carrying out personal attacks.

For example, a white person might accuse a non-white person of getting a job promotion, simply because of their race and for the sake of representation. Whereas the truth might be that the non-white person actually did a great job and that is why they got the promotion. The sad part is that there is absolutely no connection between a person’s race and their talent.

Envious people’s nature is such that it forces them to criticize others just for the sake of it sometimes. Even if those viewpoints are absolutely baseless and irrelevant, and sometimes even plain derogatory.

5. They put you down while emulating you at the same time. 

One of the biggest and funniest signs that you are a victim of envy is when, the people who are always putting you down, end up copying you at the same time. They know that they are insecure people, and what you have is worthy of having. That is why envious people tend to denounce you publicly but work hard to be more like you behind closed doors.

Suppose, you are someone who is an incredibly fit person who prefers to live a very healthy lifestyle and only have healthy food. The envious person, on the other hand, drinks a lot, smokes a lot, has unhealthy food all the time, and overall leads a very unhealthy lifestyle. Now, he might make fun of you by calling you boring, uptight, and “not fun”, while at the same time secretly trying to work out and live a healthier lifestyle like you.

This shows that jealous or envious people are fully aware of their shortcomings and insecurities. They simply try to make themselves feel better by humiliating others, all the while knowing that they are the ones with a problem.

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The only way to deal with people like this is to simply ignore them and let your talent and success do all the talking. You will always come across naysayers and critics, but it is up to you to decide whether you will let them have an impact on you or not.

5 Signs That You Are A Victim Of Envy
5 Signs That You Are A Victim Of Envy
Signs You Are Surrounded By Envy And Jealousyv pin

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