The Path of the Spiritual Warrior: 9 Traits that Go into The Making of The Most Honorable And Resilient Spirits


9 Qualities That Make A Spiritual Warrior: Are You One?

Are you a spiritual warrior? Maybe the hardships you have been battling all your life were a part of your training to become the savior of the world!

Being a spiritual warrior is desired by many, but not a lot of people have the merits to be a spiritual warrior or succeed in becoming one.

What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Warrior of God?

This term has been used extensively in various spiritual circles and traditions for ages.

A spiritual warrior is one who combats the most insidious enemy: Ignorance, also known as “Avidya” in Sanskrit, to reach greater levels of self-awareness.

The path of the spiritual warrior is not easy. Their journey brings them face to face with their shadow side and forces them to go through extreme levels of cognitive dissonance by making them question their limiting belief systems and outdated conditioning.

But walking on this path brings enormous rewards:

  • High levels of self-awareness and freedom from fears, doubts, small-mindedness, and limited belief systems.
  • Becoming a beacon of light and helping in the global shift in consciousness.

So, what are the traits that make one a spiritual warrior?

The 9 Qualities Of A Spiritual Warrior

Here’re the characteristics of a spiritual warrior:

1) They Always Seek The Truth

A spiritual warrior seeks the truth at any cost because they know that it is only through truth and knowledge that you can break the shackles of bondage and become free.

A Spiritual warrior will go as far as required to know the truth and learn what he/she does not know even if that truth comes at the cost of unimaginable emotional pain and distress.

He or she knows that truth is essential for the soul’s growth and evolution. It is the only truth that can give insights into unsolved mysteries, remove darkness and ignorance, and literally set us free.

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2) They Are Always On The Quest For Self-discovery And Awareness

A spiritual warrior is on a continuous quest for self-discovery to expand their awareness. They know that awareness is the main tool that can help them to fight against the darkness of oppression and ignorance.

Awareness is the ability to look into the nature of things with absolute clarity without any bias of past conditionings or limited belief systems.

Self-work or Metacognition, entails an ability to look at your own mind and thought patterns without getting swayed by emotions.

Self-awareness is the quality to know who you really are beneath the ego mask. The ego can distort our self-image and sense of who we are to an extent that these false self-images and impressions can even lead to self-hatred and extremely low self-esteem.

A spiritual warrior may face acute cognitive dissonance in the process of self-discovery and self-awareness but he/she goes on questioning his/her own belief systems and thought processes and eliminates anything that does not resonate with unconditional love and forgiveness.

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3) They Are Passionate And Persistent

Another key attribute of a spiritual warrior is relentlessness and persistence. Being relentless and persistent does not mean being brash or inflexible.

It means being determined to seek the truth and removing all false beliefs and ego traps that veil the truth.

A spiritual warrior has a “never say die” attitude. He/she welcomes all adversaries and challenging conditions and treats them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Spiritual warriors know that setbacks are actually soul lessons and they embrace every failure with a positive attitude.

When met with an adverse situation, they ask themselves what is it trying to teach them instead of thinking about why is it happening to them.

A spiritual warrior has dedicated his/her entire life to learning, relearning, unlearning, growing, and evolving so that he/she is better equipped to serve humanity.

4) They Follow Their Intuitive Hearts

Spiritual warriors know how to distinguish between the voice of the ego and the intuition of the heart. A spiritual warrior follows his/her heart and gut instincts.

A spiritual warrior is sensitive to energy and can see through things. The intuition of a spiritual warrior is highly attuned, capable of detecting even a disguised foe masquerading as a friend.

Their unwavering commitment to truth and authenticity makes their intuition especially genuine. When a spiritual warrior’s heart speaks, its message is invariably true.

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5) They Do A Lot Of Shadow Work

A spiritual warrior knows that he/she has to confront and integrate his/her shadow side to be able to live in complete self-love and self-acceptance.

A spiritual warrior is not afraid to look their shadow side right in the eye. They have the courage to question their own belief systems and work on their less-desirable traits.

They know it is the only way to ascend to higher levels of unconditional self-love, happiness, and peace.

6) They Choose Love Over Everything Else

A spiritual warrior knows that the core of everything is love, the core of our own being, and the core of everything else.

A spiritual warrior’s main mission is to remove the veils that cover and hide the unconditional love in our hearts, whether it is a veil of ignorance, the veil of fear, the veil of jealousy, anger, trauma, or suffering.

A spiritual warrior tries to expand their consciousness and awareness so that their love can embrace the entire humanity.

It is due to this expanded consciousness, that a spiritual warrior becomes a light of unconditional love to heal and transform the world.

7) They Prioritize Holistic Health And Well Being

Spiritual warriors are a beacon of light. They know that they’re working for a cause bigger than themselves.

Their goal is to transform the world and raise its vibration higher. They know that in order to achieve this, they need to keep themselves in the best shape physically, mentally, and emotionally.

They treat themselves with utmost love and respect and prioritize their holistic health and well-being over petty things that drain their energy.

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8) They Work For A Soulful Mission

We all want happiness and peace but sometimes we go about trying to look for these things by amassing wealth and possessions.

A spiritual warrior knows that real and lasting peace and happiness can come only after one realizes one’s true nature (dharma) and therefore, they remain loyal to their soul’s mission which gives them an opportunity to serve and grow.

9) They Use Their Energy Well

Spiritual warriors know very well that their energy is a valuable and limited resource. Therefore they utilize their energy wisely.

They choose peace over mindless drama and negativity. They refrain from getting into mindless fights over petty things and pick their battles wisely.

“The big difference between a warrior and a victim is that the victim represses and the warrior refrains.”

― Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

So, the way of the spiritual warrior is not easy, but every hardship and challenge that a spiritual fighter overcomes helps the entire world to vibrate higher in the frequency of love, awareness, peace, and unity.

If you want to know more about the qualities of a spiritual warrior, then check out this video below:

9 Qualities Of A Spiritual Warrior
Qualities Of Spiritual Warrior Pin

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