What’s Your Intuitive Power Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's Your Intuitive Power Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Intuitive Powers: What intuitive powers lie in every one of us, based on your Zodiac Sign.

What is Intuition?

In a few words, the Intuition is the summary of all our ‘extrasensory’ abilities. Others may call it by other names. No matter how we call it, intuition is the capability to know without knowledge or reasoning, without evidence or physical contact. We just know.

Each Zodiac Sign due to its native powers has a different intuitive ability. It goes without saying that we need to look at our Natal Chart (you can do it here for free) in order to see more properly what our magic tastes like.

Zodiac Intuitive Powers
Zodiac Intuitive Powers

Your Intuitive Power based on your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries: Intuitive Energy Sensor

It is amazing how the first sign of the Zodiac Circle senses energies around. In every one of us, living or not, Chi – the cosmic energy – runs through. When we feel love, hate or desire, this energy is vibrating in a different frequency.

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Aries is a natural empath since a very young age. However, most of them acknowledge this power as a vulnerability. That’s when they begin to build a stronger exterior, trying to defend themselves from disappointments. However, they are always particularly good when danger is approaching. Something inside their soul senses the energy coming towards them or the ones they love.

Frankincense is a tool against the darkness for Aries. It will empower your aura and help you defend yourself and the ones you love.

2. Taurus: Instinctive Enemy Detector

For Taurus, the most fertile Zodiac of All, all is explained with Love or no Love. Passion or no Passion. Taurus has a never-ending thirst for affection and satisfaction. They love to give and receive joy and blessings and this is absolutely instinctive.

Therefore, when others try to penetrate their ‘Wall of Protection‘, a true Taurus senses it, and instinctively fights back. Taurus wants to share their wealth, their love and their secrets with only a few ones. And they somehow sense who is trying to violate their rules.

Emeralds nurture the sensitive nature of Taurus.

3. Gemini: Natural Mind Reader

For the sign of Air and Mercury, the World is an endless adventure of ideas, words, and thoughts. The air has the ability to carry souls and energies from here to the most distant places. Gemini, as a true child of the Air, guided by Mercury, has a unique ability to ‘read’ others by just being next to them.

I have to admit that this really freaks me out, how easily they can read my mind. And do you know why they can? Because they rarely stumble upon others’ opinions. It’s pure curiosity. The Love and Thrill of knowing!

Quartz will help Gemini be protected from evil thoughts.

4. Cancer: The Truest Empath

The Zodiac Sign who is Ruled by the Moon is destined to become intuitive. Although they often don’t realize it, their guts always tell them the truth! If you are a Cancer just know that your Zodiac Sign rules the Stomach.

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It is strongly believed that all Cancers realize the change of hearts and emotions by this weird feeling in their stomach. Your guts won’t disappoint you because we are talking about energy. Words may like but the energy never!

The Moonstone can help Cancer fortify their hearts.

5. Leo: Instinctive Heart Sensor

Leo may be extremely active, straight-forward and extroverted but they got a secret part which only a few can read. Why? Because they know they’ve got a special power, only a few can tell. Leo can feel in their hearts who have given up on the higher powers, his/her life, and goals and who feels truly blessed.

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