Who Are Shadow People? 10 Identifying Signs and How To Get Rid Of Them


Who Are Shadow People

Halloween is almost here, and in the spirit of Halloween, let’s talk about shadow people. Wikipedia defines shadow people as “Supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on walls and ceilings in the viewer’s peripheral vision.”

A shadow person (also known as shadow figures, shadow beings, or black mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure. This concept is particularly interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity.

Throughout history, millions of human witnesses have reported accounts of Shadow people appearing before them. An increase in reported sightings over the last decade has brought these mysterious occurrences to mainstream consciousness.

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Who Are Shadow People? 

Both children and adults observe these beings as dark, fast-moving human-shaped silhouettes in their peripheral vision. While some have seen them from a distance, others have had face-to-face encounters. 

Usually, they are seen as males but they generally lack any other specific characteristics of gender. In several cases, witnesses describe the sense of being watched and once these entities realize they are being watched, chances are that they will flee.

They are even seen to sometimes travel through walls or closed doors and bushes. Sometimes they simply seem to appear and fade in the periphery of the night’s darkness.

It is believed that they are some sort of other-dimensional beings whose dimension of origin occasionally overlaps with ours, which explains their ethereal appearances and fleeting nature.

10 Signs Of Shadow People

  1. Many of them wear hats.
  2. They might wear an old-fashioned cloak.
  3. They are aware of us and react to us noticing them.
  4. Generally possess a male figure, though gender is not always specific.
  5. They can pass through opaque objects like walls, furniture, etc.
  6. They never try to vocally communicate with us.
  7. Mostly very tall, but can be short too.
  8. Have no visible eyes (although occasionally red eyes have been reported).
  9. Their form has a depth, mass, and 3-D shape.
  10. Move with lightning speed.

The appearance of these entities is often accompanied by a misty or foggy view. The black mass gradually begins to take the shape of a person or animal form but without any specific details of facial features. If the manifestation continues, they may become a see-through apparition.

Types of Shadow People

They come in different forms and shapes and there are several different types of them. Here are the 3 types:

1. Lingering Shadow People

Mostly found lurking in homes, especially bedrooms. These shadow people will watch human beings from a distance but never directly encounter them. They do not try to communicate; they appear to just be observing us.

Once someone detects them, they will often hastily flee, going through a wall or disappearing around a corner. They usually have a human figure, covering themselves with a cloak or hat.

These types seem to give us a creepy feeling or feelings of dread. The feeling might be because of their sudden appearance in the middle of the night. They are known to get attached to other humans and keep staying with them when they move.

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2. Visiting Shadow People

These are the ones who have their special agendas and are least interested in our lives. They typically go from one place to another and do not seem to care even if we see them.

These are the least understood of the types, as they do not appear to want to communicate with us or understand us.

3. Haunting Shadow People

This type seems to be tied to a place or location. Oftentimes they come in a group and try to claim that particular place. It is generally believed that they have a strong emotional tie to the location they are found in. We often see them lurking around in this place.

Shadow people are very mysterious beings and they are very difficult to understand. They are a myriad of beings that exist in our surrounding dimensions, but which ones are the ones that have crossed over from another dimension or the ones that are earthbound souls?

How To Get Rid Of Shadow People

  • Prayers often help.
  • Emotional harmony: positivity, grounding, changing your emotional state.
  • Spiritual cleansing.
  • Detoxify your mental state.
  • Leave the lights on, as this appears to disrupt their energy.

Often times we are afraid of these types of experiences because we do not have any concrete explanations as to why these happen. Some, on the other hand, are enthralled by such experiences because they get to encounter the bridge in the dimensions. Either way, it is nothing to be scared of.

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Have you ever had any experience of seeing shadow people? Share your story in the comment below, if you have.

Love and Light.

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