Has there been a time in your life that the door to the spirit world has opened? Have you had experiences that you cannot explain, heard voices, seen apparitions or felt different energies?

These experiences are more common than you think and if you have ever been curious to explore or deepen your connection to this energy, then this is where to start –

1.) Start With the Connection to Yourself

Whether the door is already open or you want to work on opening it, the first and most important thing to do is develop a strong connection with yourself. This can be done through meditation, morning pages, different alternative therapies or through creative work. Whatever medium you choose, developing an understanding and deeper awareness is paramount to this type of work. You must reach a place where-

  • You understand the ego and how and when it manifests within you
  • You have an awareness about your subconscious thought patterns
  • You are reprogramming your thoughts to focus on positive and mindful intentions
  • You are in tune with your body to know how you feel and are developing your intuition
  • You are regularly journaling or writing down your dreams and thoughts

2.) Have a Tool Box of Protection

Before you even think of dabbling in the spirit world you must acquire a toolbox of protection which includes:

  • Establishing a Strong Connection with Your Guides/Angels: Making a connection with your guides is very important in this type of work as they will act as your protectors and guardians. They will also be able to guide you through the process and be a resource to turn to if you ever need to. Establishing a connection is almost impossible if you don’t at least start trying to do step one first. The inner work is important as it helps us to tune into when we are actually communicating with our guides or not. Here are two important resources- How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Ways our Spirit Guides Communicate with Us. If have trouble establishing a connection to your guides, you can start by reaching out to a god/goddess/deity of your choice such as Jesus, Buddha or Archangel Michael etc.
  • Visualizing a White Light of Protection: This is like your spiritual armor and can be programmed to cover you, objects, spaces, and others. While mediating, imagine a white light surrounding your body in your mind’s eye. Feel how protective it is and trust that no harm can come to you while you are covered. Work on making the light bigger and stronger. Practice using your protective light in everyday situations.
  • Charged Crystals: Crystals and stones can be fantastic tools for protection. There are many crystals for protection such as quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, black kyanite, celestite and fluorite however, it’s more important that you choose a crystal that resonates with you. (How to Charge a Crystal for Protection.)
  • Prayer/Mantras/Affirmations: Sometimes there is nothing more powerful than saying a prayer or a mantra. It’s best to come up with something that resonates with you but here is a good example- “I am light, I am love, I am safe from all those who are not aligned with the highest of intentions, I call upon my guides and angels for protection. I am grateful that I am looked after.”
  • Smudging: Using sage to cleanse your surroundings and aura is recommended especially after doing any spiritual work or healing. Saging is also great to clear away any negative energies. Here is How to Cleanse Using Sage.

Having a tool box of protection is highly recommended, start with your guides/angels, white light, crystals and then work in your own objects or visualizations that feel right for you.

3.) State Your Intention and Be Open to Receiving

It’s really important to ask yourself the question- Why? Why do you want to establish or further this connection?

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About The Author

Tanaaz Chubb
Tanaaz is the co-creator and owner of the website <a href="http://foreverconscious.com/">Forever Conscious</a>. Tanaaz started Forever Conscious as a way to share her thoughts and ideas about the spirit world, astrology and mindfulness. She also offers intuitive readings through the site to help people connect with their path and purpose.