Numerology Of Addresses: What Does Your Number Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered if the address of your house, condo, or apartment could affect the energy of your home, you’re not alone.

Lots of people have thought about the possibilities within numerology. As it turns out, the numbers in your address do mean something, and they are surprising to say the least.

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House numbers have important meanings which can forecast and influence several aspects of your life. Things like how you experience a certain space, or how social activities take place in your home.

If you’re searching for your first home, thinking about a new move, or if you are curious about a past residence, looking into a home’s energy and the numerology meanings can be fascinating. Those moving into a new home can find what atmosphere best suits them.

To assess the meaning of your house number, you must consider the address itself. If you reside in a place that has a unit, or complex number, you would use those numbers to find your meaning. For houses with street numbers, those are the ones you would use.

When a building, especially homes, are erected, they are given a number. This assigned number is its birth, or vibration, number. This energy continues to flow through the structure for the duration of its lifetime.

To find your home numerology meaning, you must first reduce your address to a single digit. Simply add up the digits in your address until you are left with one.

Apt # 345 = (3+4+5) = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3.

Home address 2129 Green Valley = (2+1+2+9) = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5.  


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Letters also have numeric value in Numerology.  So you live in apartment 15A, you would take the numeric value of the letter A (see below) and add that to the apartment number.

In this example:  15A =   1 + 5 +  (A = 1) =  7

1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9  = I, R

When you have found your home vibration number, you can then analyze the numerology significance within your address. Here is a look at some key points of vibration numbers 1 -9, via Felicia Bender:



The 1 home is a place to establish independence.  It’s all about “#1” and its energy promotes innovation,individuality, ambition, drive, and leadership. The personality of this house supports self-employment or an active career. People living in this home will be encouraged to maintain their independence, autonomy, and personal freedom.  Living here can teach you lessons about self-confidence, courage, determination, and failing forward. 

Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a “soft and fuzzy” family environment, this is not the place for you.  The 1 home fosters and focuses on independence to the exclusion of the give-and-take required for successful partnership. If your priority at this time in your life is to find a long-term intimate partner, you’ll find connecting and sustaining a reciprocal relationship challenging.  If you’re a person who is sensitive to loneliness, this home can have too much “me/self” energy and might be a place where you spend time alone.

If your home adds up to 19  –  which is a karmic number – the tendency might be that you feel unsupported and overloaded with work.   [Find out more about the Karmic Number 19 here]

Upside:  Great place for an active, outer-focused life.  Perfect for finding success and establishing your sense of independence, individuality, and achievement.

Downside:  This home is “all about you” to the exclusion of others.  “One” can be the loneliest number.



The 2 home is a place devoted to love, family, and partnership.  It’s all about inclusion, nurturing, and providing a loving and safe environment.  Its energy promotes loving relationships, devotion to the group as a whole, and is a harmonious place to live. The personality of this house supports people who want to co-create a life together – couples, couples with kids, or best friends.  People living in this home will be encouraged to be diplomatic and take everyone’s needs into consideration.  Living here can teach you lessons about love, relationships, peace, harmony, and emotions.

Glitches & Potential Challenges:  If you’re looking for a launching pad that’ll encourage you to present yourself dynamically to the world, this is not the place for you.  The 2 home fosters and focuses on relationship to the exclusion of independence and individuality. If your priority at this time in your life is to get moving with your career or get out of a codependent relationship, you’ll find that putting yourself first will prove challenging.  You might find that you’re extremely emotionally sensitive in this home and become enmeshed with those living with you.  You can begin to feel emotionally needy.  If you live here alone, you can feel depressed that you’re not sharing your life in partnership with another person.

Upside:  Great place to create your nest.  Perfect for creating and establishing loving relationships and is a great home to raise a family.  This is a comfortable and nurturing environment for everyone.

Downside:  This home can make you want to stay home and away from the “fray” to the point where you start living in your own little world.  You can become enmeshed in the emotional lives of those you’re living with in the house.

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