Know What Your Heart Truly Desires According to Numerology


Know What Your Heart Truly Desires According to Numerology

This ‘heart’s desire number’ is the dream which is most desired by our heart and all other dreams we nurture are connected to it. 

It reveals our underlying motivation, hinting at the intentions behind our actions. The choices we make in our lives are influenced by this ‘heart’s desire number.’

This number is the driving force behind our wishes, dreams, actions, and desires. It’s everything, it encompasses every sphere of our lives, our identities.

Discover Your Numerologist Meaning

There are innumerable things our heart’s desire which change with time. However, according to numerology, we all have that ‘heart’s desire number.’

We can calculate it using the letters of our birth name.

Here’s how:

Suppose your name is Alice Woody.

Now, take all the vowels from your name. Consider the Y of Woody too because Y sounds like a vowel.

So, the vowels you have here are:

A, I, E, O, O and we will be including Y.

Now that you have the vowels, add up the corresponding numbers:

A= 1






Therefore, the number = 1+ 9+ 5+ 6+6+ 7 = 34.

If you get a single digit, then it’s fine. But if you get a double-digit like the one we got here, then you need to add the numbers again till you get a single digit.

So, the number is 3+4 =7.

You should note one thing here that exceptions to the double-digit rule are the numbers 11,22 and 33. These numbers, the Master Numbers are extremely difficult to handle, highly charged and it takes a lot to integrate them into one’s personality.

Now you know how to calculate your ‘heart’s desire number.’

Here’s the list which will tell you the significance of each number:

NUMBER 1: Independence

The need that drives you is independence. You desire to express your individuality, think out of the box and be the unique one, full of passion with an impulse to be the number 1.

NUMBER 2: To create things for the greater good

Your heart desires to leave your fingerprint on this universe through deeds. You empathize with people, work with them as a team and you remain focused on creating things for the greater good.

NUMBER 3: To express your creativity and passion through the things you do

You’re driven by creativity and passion. Optimistic and social, you express yourself through creativity. You seek deep thoughts and emotional connections to survive. However, you do have a tendency to get distracted, scattering your energy.

NUMBER 4: To create order and explore new possibilities

Practical, disciplined and grounded, your vision in life is to create order in this world. Your logical sense keeps you grounded while exploring new possibilities at the same time.

NUMBER 5: Adventure and finding freedom through commitment:

You are a carefree soul always seeking adventure. You desire a life filled with excitement. Your creativity, adaptability, and versatility make you feel suffocated in a mundane routine. Your heart desires freedom through the things you do.

NUMBER 6: To heal everyone:

You always seek to help others around you which is why healing is your innate nature. Your generosity and involvement in others’ lives cause harm to you sometimes. Remember to heal yourself first and then heal others to utilize your potential to the fullest.

NUMBER 7: To learn by knowing and experiencing:

Your greatest desire is to learn and gain wisdom by knowing and experience. Apart from attaining knowledge, you enjoy sharing it with others too. However, too much thinking can cause stress and anxiety.

NUMBER 8: To lead everyone:

You are a born to lead; you crave power to help others. Enjoying the limelight, you should keep in mind that your desire can either make you an inspiring leader or a dominating person. Humility is something you need to learn to keep your energy on the positive side.

NUMBER 9: To help heal the world and give back to the Mother Earth:

You are always concerned about the well-being of this planet, its environment, and its inhabitants. You seek to help others in healing. You are intuitive in nature and with compassion for all, you get the driving force to give back to Mother Earth. Keeping a balance between the state of being overly righteous and blinded by narrow beliefs, you can use your potential in taking care of this planet.

Apart from the numbers from 1 to 9, there are the Master Numbers.

Here’s their significance:

NUMBER 10: To attain a deeper understanding of yourself and of the universe:

You are intuitive and can understand the universe well. Your heart desires to attain a deeper understanding of yourself and of the world around you by uplifting yourself spiritually. If the balance breaks, you become nervous or anxious.

NUMBER 11: To teach others and creating a better world:

You are the teacher who desires to guide everyone else in getting the best out of them and making the world a better place. Your intelligence and need for stability in all spheres of life make helps you in your purpose. However, you can be too dominating or stubborn at times which blocks your positive energy.

NUMBER 13: To offer guidance to the world:

You seek the spiritual enhancement of mankind. You always understand things before preaching them. Your sole purpose in life is to guide others and help everyone evolve spiritually.

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Know What Your Heart Truly Desires According to Numerology

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