Marriage Numerology Number: Find Out How This Affects Your Marriage


Marriage Numerology Number: Find Out How This Affects Your Marriage

Weddings are always a source of happiness and sentimentality. Every parent looks forward to seeing their children get married to good partners and settles down. However, did you know that your wedding date can give you a good idea about how your marriage will turn out to be? In other words, your Marriage Numerology Number can help you understand your marital future!

Numerology and calculating your Marriage Numerology Number can give you a good idea about your future marital relationship.

All you have to do is collect the dates from your wedding date (day, month, year) until you get a one-digit number. Then discover its meaning.


Married: June 12, 1999 (June = 6). 6+ 1+2+1+ 9 + 9 +9 =37. 3 + 7 = 10. 1 + 0 = 1. Your Marriage Numerology Number = 1

Marriage Number Numerology: Interpretation of the Personal Wedding Day & Your Future Marriage

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Number 1 – Perfect Romantics

If your Marriage Numerology Number is 1, then you are a very loving and romantic couple. The defining characteristic of your marriage is maturity and respect, and that is exactly how both tend to handle your disagreements and obstacles. Your marriage is the perfect example of “two bodies, one soul”.

Since you had a long courtship, you know each other inside out and that helps you understand the other one better. Understanding and flexibility serve as the cornerstone of your marriage.

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Number 2 – Importance Of Having Children

If your Marriage Numerology Number is 2, then you would want either a very public or private wedding; there is no in-between. This number is ideal for eloping, and you might have to marry your partner in secret. Even though maturity is not a strong suit when it comes to this number, your wedding no matter how it is will be quite emotional.

Since this number is ruled by the Moon, there will be an intense desire for starting a family. Additionally, wishing for a spouse who will wholeheartedly accept your children from your previous marriage and be a good step-parent can also serve as a strong motivation. However, if you are planning on getting married just for children, then you should rethink your decision.

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Number 3 – Marriage For Financial Interests

If your motivation to get married is money, then choose a date with a Marriage Numerology Number of 3. This day will be lucrative for you if you are looking for financial security in your married life. It is okay if you want your wedding to be huge, but keep in mind that too much of expectations might end up ruining your big day.

Since this number is ruled by Jupiter, you might have multiple children born to you and your spouse. You might also have a lot of family members staying with you at times.

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Number 4 – Faithfulness For Life

If your Marriage Numerology Number is 4, then undying loyalty and faithfulness is the foundation of your marriage. As a couple, you choose to do everything together, even the challenging things- having a joint bank account, running a business together, buy a home with both of your money and etc. Both of you prefer to plan everything well ahead of time and focus on everything being organized.

Emotional support and security are two things that really matter to you and your spouse. Since this number is ruled by Saturn, couples will prefer to live near their parents, or near the bride’s father’s home.

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Number 5 – Communication Is Key

If your Marriage Numerology Number is 5, then communication is extremely important for you and your partner. For you both, how well you communicate with each other is the base on which you want to start your marriage. At times, boredom and monotony might kick in, but both of you can counter that by having shared as well as individual interests. Personal space is also important for both of you.

There is a strong chance that your marriage will involve a lot of travel, and if you have more than one child, they will be born in different places. Since this number is ruled by Mercury, there is a possibility that one of you would have to work very hard to put your kids through college. Post-retirement, both of you will lead active lives with an interest in the youth, in order to maintain an open-minded outlook on life.

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Number 6 – Marriage Is The Most Important

Love, peace, happiness, and affection are going to be the defining traits of your marriage if your Marriage Numerology Number is 6. However, that does mean that you will be immune to occasional challenges. The only way you can deal with them is by focusing on being responsible, caring, and trustworthy. Couples with this number will treat their marriage with utmost importance, and this attitude will help them sustain it for a long time.

Since this number is ruled by Venus, you will give a lot of effort to patch things up with your spouse. Couples with this number will also take good care of their ailing parents when the time comes.

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Number 7 – Obstacles Will Be Plenty

If your Marriage Numerology Number is 7, then you are in for a ride! Since this number is ruled by Uranus, you will run into a lot of obstacles on your wedding day. Numerous changes are going to be happening as well on D-day, but don’t worry, that might not be a bad thing! The planet Uranus also represents a whirlwind romance that quickly transitions to marriage. There is also a possibility that one of the parents’ won’t approve of your marriage.

A number 7 wedding day could be an ideal day for same-sex weddings, Catholic-Protestant weddings, or interracial marriages.

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Number 8 – Compatibility Is Everything

Couples with Marriage Numerology Number 8 look to be compatible with every aspect. Additionally, sex is also a major factor in their marriage. These couples fall in love at first sight, and within a few months, they decide to get married. Such couples are normally inseparable.

Since this number is ruled by Mars, these couples have a very good chance of running a successful business together, and also working well as a personal team. Another prominent trait of such couples is that one person might end up sacrificing their career for the other. But, that sacrifice won’t go unnoticed as your spouse will always acknowledge that and admire your courage.

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Number 9 – Love Can Overcome Any Obstacle

The Marriage Numerology Number 9 is ruled by the planet Neptune, as a result of which your faith will be extremely important to you. Your wedding will be conducted according to the rules and laws of your faith, and that is exactly what you want. Since it is ruled by Neptune, you might end up eloping or getting married in secret.

Your impending marriage might be faced with a lot of difficulties like both your parents not agreeing to the marriage. There is a possibility that your religions might also be different, and this will take a lot of work if you want to be on the same page. However, irrespective of all the hiccups, both partners will work things out in some way or another. If needed, they will also make necessary sacrifices in order to bring stability to their marriage.

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