The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

13. Scapegoat

A scapegoat is not guilty and is blamed. But Why? Scapegoats are required by the Egopath to keep their army of accomplices “fed” and Enablers fearful of being next.

Flying Monkeys must always be thinking they are fighting an enemy, or their Egopath Master will be seen as boring and lose control. The Egopath will not let this happen and will create chaos if they have to and blame it on the victim, the new scapegoat. For enablers, the scapegoat role is required by the Egopath to “make an example of them!” to keep this whole Slave Circle intact.

The Scapegoat title is constantly being assigned to victims and even between current victims. Always someone to blame, always someone to punish, and always someone to dominate over, my flying monkeys! Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Where there’s Egopaths there are scapegoats.

A band of Flying monkeys is a reliable indicator the Egopath has successfully scapegoated others in the past. The bigger the cult, the more scapegoats needed to build it that big.

14. Advocator

PURE EVIL TIMES TWO! Because one high functioning Egopath wasn’t enough! The Advocator is another Egopath lending a “helping” boot to kick the victim when they’re down. Sharing is caring, let’s share victims to spice things up! These soulless monsters play many roles such as Propagandists, Apologists, and Spin Doctors.

They are far worse than Excusers who foolishly give the benefit of the doubt… An Advocator KNOWS the Egopath is in the wrong and actively thinks and says/writes/does things to COMPLETELY ABSOLVE THE ABUSER.

But How?

They constantly consult not just with the Master Egopath, but also try to get information from the victim to discredit their side of the story and make appropriate changes to the Master Egopaths side that would catch them in a lie and EXPOSE THEM.

**These Bad Actors/ill will pretenders will throw away their existing script to rehearse a better one. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story where they’re the hero/victim, but never the villain!**

Though an Advocator appears as a friend to the victim, they too are a spy for the Master Egopath… Just like a Flying Monkey, but more deceiving.

The one thing all Advocators are guilty of is PUSHING FALSE NARRATIVES to add credibility to the Primary Abuse-Givers Testimony and nothing but minimizing, trivializing, and malicious doubts towards the victim’s sanity and side of the story so that it cannot be taken seriously. 

Truly the sickest part of this Dark Triad Teamup™ is they get away with itpreciously because it’s that unthinkable and just that unbelievable this would happen. It’s all the plausible deniability they’d ever need for committing the perfect crime of destroying a person and their credibility. Egopaths understand The truth means nothing when no one believes you.

 Advocators don’t just defend evil, they themselves falsely justify it with their own lies such as The Narcissist’s Prayer.

The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

15. Sinker

The Sinker is someone who has good intentions but when it comes to sink or swim… There is an un-ironic reason for the name Sinker.

A Sinker is someone who causes losses to themselves and those around them. According to the Carlos Cipolla Taxonomy of Stupid, this means someone is STUPID.

The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

“A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.” ~ Carlos Cipolla Law #5 of Stupidity

But a Sinker is not just any stupid person. A Sinker is a DETERMINED stupid person which maximizes the danger. The more determined, the more dangerous, and the more damage done.

The Sinker acts on emotion, what they feel is a good idea surely is! Get them emotionally invested and they’ll be easy pickings. Not once does critical thinking play a role in their decision-making process, only gut feelings, only emotion.

The Sinker wants to increase their social standing and so do things to help or to look awesome. But it doesn’t help, it hinders. The more they feel they need to do, the more they do, and the more damage these walking disasters cause. Hurricanes are named after human beings, Sinkers offer us a reason as to why.

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