5 Ways You Can Win Against A Controlling Narcissist

Ways You Can Win Against A Controlling Narcissist

Sometimes you just can’t get away from the narcissist that is tormenting you. It may be impossible to go No Contact so you are stuck with them in your life … for now. If that is your case then I want to give you some tools and strategies for when a controlling narcissist turns on you.

They will inevitably use intimidation to try to control you, but while they may seem scary and all-powerful that is truly not the case! Over the years I have come up with effective responses that will STOP the narcissist from triggering you into conflictive arguments – in fact, they will crumble and back off.

You’ll learn how to apply five remedies to a controlling narcissist’s antics and you’ll understand that it’s essentially all about you standing in a healthy sense of self that the narcissist can’t argue with or destroy. And soon enough you’ll be able to get them out of your life for good.

Today, I want to give you five ways that you can get quick wins against a narcissist when you can’t go No Contact or when you can’t get away from them. This is going to be so helpful if you’re in that situation.

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Let’s get into the ways that you can respond to a narcissist to stop him or her triggering you, getting you to hand your power away, and gaining control of you, which is exactly what they want to do. That will stop when you take your energy back, when you stop feeding the narcissist narcissistic supply, which is your triggered emotional energy, and when you stand in your sovereign truth.

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I know you may believe, as I used to, that narcissists are scary, powerful, and intimidating, but rather they are really powerless little men or women behind a curtain in their false power, wanting you to believe that.

If you do believe that and fall into it, then they’re able to control you by using your fear or your triggered pain against you. You’re going to be amazed how, when you stand in your true power, how little they can use against you. They will actually crumble and back off.

Let’s go through how to do this.

5 Ways You Can Win Against A Controlling Narcissist

Number 1 – When You’re Accused Of Not Being ‘With Them’

A narcissist can accuse you of not being with them, of not supporting them, not loving them, not caring about them … all that stuff.

Narcissists manipulate, they guilt and bully when you’re not going along with their agendas, which of course, are very damaging for you. So you’re going to be accused of not caring, of being selfish, of not loving them, and you could be really badly demonized and called some terrible things, such as being wrong, stupid, defective, and so much worse.

What is always important with a narcissist is not to buy into what he or she says. Don’t try to counteract their argument because this equals how to lose badly. The more you try to explain and justify yourself or lecture or prescribe what decent behavior is to them, the more the narcissist is going to line you up and keep assaulting you.

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