Why You Are Frustrated And Angry All The Time: 5 Psychological Reasons

you are frustrated and angry

Do you have anger issues? Do you feel constantly angry and barely keep yourself from losing it? Do you feel the anger boiling inside you for no apparent reason? Is your uncontrollable rage making you feel helpless?

Anger is a natural human emotion that can be healthy when regulated in time. However, if you feel constantly angry and out of control, then it can seriously affect your relationships, career and personal life. This is why it’s crucial that you learn why you feel so angry all the time and what you can do about it.

Anger Controls You When You Don’t Control Anger

You start grinding your teeth, tense your jaw and clench your fists. Your breathing becomes shallow, your body temperature rises and your heart beats faster. Your mind stops working and all you want to do is punch through the walls (or people), break things and destroy everything around you. Yeah, I know the feeling and I also know how overwhelming it can feel. When you have anger problems, your life becomes engulfed in the darkness of your rage. You may feel you can control your emotions, you can blame everyone else around you, you can scream, shout and punch all you want. But in the end, it is your own life that is jeopardized by your anger.  

Rage and frustration is part of our daily lives, but when it gets out of control it can affect your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and health. It can lead to bad behavior in the workplace, abuse or domestic violence in personal relationships and even problems with the law. When you don’t work on resolving your frustration, it leads to stress, irritation, restlessness and even depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Suppressed and unresolved frustration can make you short-tempered and make you snap at any time, even at your loved ones. Uncontrollable, excessive and chronic anger can take you in a downward spiral where you can end up hurting yourself the most.

Feeling angry all the time for no particular reason can seriously affect all aspects of your life unless you identify the triggers, analyze underlying causes and learn effective coping  strategies.

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Why You Are Frustrated And Angry All The Time: 5 Psychological Reasons
Why You Are Frustrated And Angry All The Time: 5 Psychological Reasons

Anger Is Healthy, Uncontrollable Anger Is Not

Anger is a basic human emotion marked by hostility and enmity towards a situation, an event, a thing or a person. It is a reaction we experience when we feel that we have been intentionally wronged. Being angry is a part of our “fight, flight, or freeze” response and serves an important function by protecting and keeping us safe from dangers and threats. It signals our mind and body to gear up for a confrontation or a fight. Research reveals that it guides “many aspects of human conduct” and influences the development of one’s personality. However, excessive, uncontrolled and unresolved anger can lead to various adverse effects and negatively affect our health. 

Researchers often consider anger and aggression a serious medical problem that is associated with medical, neurologic and or psychiatric disorders. Studies show that you will be more likely to experience inflammation, which can lead to the onset of chronic diseases, if you are more prone to experience extreme rage. It can also increase our blood pressure, cloud our judgment and decision making and strongly affect our mental health. One 2016 study shows that aggression is a key factor in the development of different psychological disorders.

So if you feel angry almost all the time and are unable to manage it, then it’s time you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. But that doesn’t mean you are the only person who feels like that. According to a 2015 study, “The overall prevalence of inappropriate, intense, or poorly controlled anger in the U.S. population was 7.8%.” Moreover, this basic emotion is more common among men and younger adults and leads to “decreased psychosocial functioning.” This is why scientific literature has extensively studied the association between “anger, hostility and aggressiveness and various health risks.” In fact, even in Buddhism, rage and hatred (along with ignorance and greed) are referred to as one of the Three Poisons of the Mind.

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