How Conscious & Self Aware Are You? Based on Your Zodiac Sign


3. Scorpio:

You have the keys to everyone’s secrets:

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Like other water signs, you’re emotional but what’s special about you is the dept you have. You have stability and you understand others extremely well. However, you don’t disclose your feelings to everyone else which makes you internalize your emotions; you analyze them yourself which enables you to know yourself better. It’s your secretive nature that might create wee bit of a problem but as a whole, you’re self-aware.


2. Virgo:

You’re extremely analytical and tend to be hard on yourself:

You’re the perfectionist and work hard for everything. Limelight doesn’t fascinate you and you are constantly thriving to give your best. By doing this, you’re being too hard on yourself. Relax! You are very self-aware. So stop criticizing yourself too much.


1. Libra:

You’re the most self-aware of all the signs:

And the crown goes to you, Libra, the zodiac sign represented by the scales. You’re not only good at understanding others but you also know yourself the most too. You solve problems of others, connect two people after fights and even own up to your shortcomings. You analyze yourself every moment and always rectify yourself to be a better human being. You deserve it!

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The Most Conscious & Self-Aware Signs of The Zodiac RANKED
Conscious Zodiac Signs

How Conscious & Self Aware Are You? Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Conscious Zodiac Signs

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