How Conscious & Self Aware Are You? Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Conscious & Self Aware Are You? Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Most Conscious and Self-Aware Zodiac Signs: RANKED From Least To Most

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” ― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man.

When you are Self Aware…

You have a deep understanding of your own behavior, emotions, and the way you react to things and situations.

You don’t try to pretend to be anyone but yourself. You are comfortable in your own skin and have accepted yourself fully.

You don’t react but respond to situations, neither do you wait for things to happen to you. But you are mindful enough to understand situations and people around you and take wise actions.

Being conscious and self-aware is both a trait and an art that can be cultivated with time.

While some of us are naturally more conscious, some simply don’t have it in them.

Self Aware and Conscious Zodiacs Ranked from least to most:

Conscious Zodiac Signs

12. Gemini:

Too many personalities and the least one to be self-aware:

Your communication skills and spontaneity makes you loved by your family and friends. The sign of the twin, you have two or more opposing energies making you lose focus on things you do. When your twin takes the rein of your consciousness, you dwell in pride.

The best way for you to be self-aware is to understand that there are opposing forces in you. Your impatience is known to all but don’t worry, you’re loved by everyone for your kindness and your peers also know how unpredictable you are.

11. Leo:

You’re too self-centered to be self-aware:

Your passion gets overshadowed by your self-centered egocentrism. Like the lion, you always crave to be the center of attention. This self-centeredness prevents you from becoming self-aware because you can’t handle negative criticism and everything has to be about you. You need to learn to let go of the spotlight and give others their deserved space to be self-aware.

10. Capricorn:

You’re too busy to judge others:

As the Earth sign, you represent responsibility and have high values for tradition which makes you practice self-control. However, in doing so, when you see others behaving differently, you tend to become too critical in a very negative sense of the term which prevents you from becoming self-aware. You need to understand it’s extremely good to be responsible and to abide by traditions but one must also accept the way others lead their lives and stop being so judgemental.

9. Sagittarius:

You’re too idealistic and extroverted to be self-aware:

You’re the wild, carefree Sagittarius who loves to explore the world, meeting new people, doing new things. You are too optimistic and believe that something or the other will work out. It’s good to go out and explore the universe but you should also start considering the negative outcomes too sometimes because life doesn’t run in extremes, it is balanced. Understanding this will make you self-aware.

8. Pisces:

You’re just way too bohemian:

We understand you have your own world, Pisces! You are an old soul full of creativity; you are extremely progressive which makes you a little out of the shade in some social settings. You are extremely kind, loyal, helpful and full of positivity but you need to understand, not everyone is as progressive as you and certain social circles will not approve of it. Whimsical as you are, you need to be conscious of yourself too; take a break from your imaginary land and try to act like a Roman when you’re in Rome.

7. Taurus:

You’re just too stubborn to see how others see you:

Grounded, honest, loyal, practical responsible and caring… you have everything that’s needed to be a really nice person. But you can’t handle negative criticism. You get offended if someone points out your flaws. You need to understand that none of us are perfect. In order to be more self-aware, you need to let go of this stubbornness and accept that you too can make mistakes sometimes.

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