Signs Of Victim Mentality: Steps To Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness

Signs Of Victim Mentality: What are the Steps you can Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness

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For the first half of my life, I was a master manipulator, a weaver of grand stories, a long-distance runner and avoider of truths and responsibilities, and a victim of the highest order.

It can be very difficult for a person to admit to themselves that they have a victim mentality; facing this fact means you have to admit you are rather accustomed to feeling self-pity, as well as placing blame outside of yourself regularly.

These are hard admissions to make, let alone try to understand. Yet every person I’ve met who has made this leap from victim to self-aware has benefited in so many ways and has ultimately become a happier and more balanced person.

Victims are not born, they are made; it is usually through an upbringing that a person becomes a victim. When a person is taught by those around them that they have no power, and learn by the example of their parents and caregivers that life is unfair and it isn’t their fault, it is simply a matter of transferring those feelings of victimization to young people.

It can be so detrimental to adopt this type of mentality, however, as a young person with a victim identity grows into an adult who cannot see much less control their own part in their unhappiness, drama, or life experiences. A lack of accountability will ultimately lead to a dynamic disconnect between rational thinking, and hyper-reactive blame gaming.

Signs of Victim Mentality

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1. Feelings of being victimized by others, life being unfair, being treated harshly for unknown reasons.

2. Lack of power to change one’s circumstances, even if those changes seem rational to others.

3. Misplaced anger directed towards family or friends who “don’t understand” or “never will!”

4. Feelings of isolation, being misunderstood, alienated, shunned, betrayed by loved ones or the world.

5. Inability to put one’s self into a position of accountability for the way one’s life is.

Here are 7 Signs Someone Is ALWAYS Playing The Victim Role

For the first half of my life, I was a master manipulator, a weaver of grand stories, a long-distance runner and avoider of truths and responsibilities, and a victim of the highest order.

It is my life’s passion to share what I know about awakening to Self-awareness, for one simple reason: I have been, and am, where you are as well. We teach what we’ve learned, and it took me the better part of four decades to truly begin to really grasp what true self-aware accountability truly is.

Now I am still as human as I ever was; however I have learned that through my humanity and often frail understanding of the world, that I can often jump to conclusions, act before thinking, and let my ego get the better of me, so I make it my daily and deepest duty to myself to think, slow down and truly think before speaking or acting, to better understand situations, people, and myself. I examine my part in things and hold myself responsible for the things I have done and said, witting or unwittingly.


The Simplest Ways to Achieve Personal Empowerment

1. Drop any “us vs. them” thinking, begin to see yourself as equal to all other people, equally worthy of love and good treatment, and equally capable of being erroneous, making mistakes, and screwing up. We are all human, we are all created equally, we are all equally responsible for ourselves.

2. Start to make small changes in your everyday life to enforce a sense of power to yourself, do things that give you a sense of responsibility, become accountable to yourself. Face small fears first, to enforce to yourself that you CAN. Then begin to truly believe this is true because you CAN.

3. Investigate your feelings – get to know how you feel and why you feel it. This is the beginning of self-awareness, which is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself as a sentient being. Understanding why we feel the way we feel, where those feelings originate in our childhood, why we operate the way we do is so rewarding, as well as illuminating. It frees us to step outside of our conditioning, and be more than we previously thought we were.

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Dee Bernstein
Dee is a now retired Spiritual Adviser who spent nearly 20 years assisting the newly Awakened with guidance via Tarot, Reiki, Intuition & Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. She resides in Canada with her daughter, husband, and their cats and dogs, and spends her time working with previous clients, writing, and pursuing her own Spiritual passions.
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