Are You A Pluviophile? 9 Signs That You’re A Certified Rain Lover


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Are You Pluviophile Signs Rain Lover

Do you love it when it rains? Do you love strolling down the street on a rainy afternoon? Do you love cozying up in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and your favorite book on a dark stormy night? Well, then you might be a pluviophile – that’s what rain lovers are called.

Unlike others, we don’t complain about getting our hair, clothes, and shoes wet. We celebrate the sensation of the cool droplets soaking and nourishing our skin, giving us a new lease of life. Let’s take a look at the signs you are a pluviophile.

Pluviophile – A lover of rain

My heart fills up with an indescribable excitement as I look up at the bruised purple sky. As the intimidating, gigantic clouds seamlessly sail in from the other end of the horizon, I see other land dwellers rushing for cover. Their crudeness enrages the sky and it thunders in anger leaving mere mortals rattled in their bones, making birds and animals tremble in fright and the trees dancing in unison to appease the angry clouds with some assistance from the whistling winds.

I open my eyes wider at the crackling thunder as a bright flash of light engulfs everything around me splitting the sky into two. As the sky heals again, I am dazzled by the stunning display of the web of lightning moments ago. I hope in my heart that the next one lasts more than a fleeting moment so that I can capture it in my mind’s camera. I stand silently and observe the world around me falling into chaos while embracing the beauty that’s unfolding in front of my very eyes.

My heart is filled with joy without notice as the familiar calming melody of icy, sharp raindrops piercing the warm dry earth seeps into my ears. As the rain moves in towards me from the distance, I feel my heart pounding faster. And then it happens. The cold, nourishing tears from the sky drenches me in its comforting embrace. I feel goosebumps on my skin as my clothes are impregnated by the wrath of the overbearing rain. I feel the freshness of the crisp, refreshing air caress my face. I take a slow deep breath in as the rain quenches the dreadful thirst of the dry, warm earth. The ephemeral aroma of the petrichor emanating from the ground fills my soul. I feel it healing the wounds in my heart as it washes away all the stress and anxiety corrupting my mind all day. Never has a world painted in gray looked more beautiful.

As I start walking towards my home, I feel a smile forming on my face and my heart lifted with pure bliss and euphoria. I am now happy. I am at peace. This is my meditation. I feel alive.

I am a pluviophile.

A person who loves the rain.

If you feel something similar when it pours, then it is one of the signs you are a pluviophile – a rain lover. The word Pluviophile is derived from the Latin term “pluvial,” which translates to rain, and the word “phile,” which means a person. Hence, we are people who find happiness & peace of mind on rain-soaked days.

Are you a pluviophile? Signs you’re a Pluviophile

I absolutely love the rain. And if you do too, then here are a few telltale indicators and signs you are a pluviophile as well, just like me.

Check out the signs listed below and find out signs that you are a pluviophile:

1. You feel relaxed & comfortable

Rain transports you to a transcendent state and makes you experience nirvana. It not only helps you relax, whether outside or at home or even at work, but it also heals and soothes your inner self. While most people tend to complain about rainy days, you feel this is the most comforting time of the year. As you revel in the sounds and sensations of rain, you enjoy relaxing in your home with great food, books, and movies along with your loved ones or by yourself. If you feel like this, then it is one of the signs you are a pluviophile.

2. You find the dark sky beautiful

Appreciating the inherent beauty of the heavy gray clouds is one of the basic signs you are a pluviophile. Although you don’t hate sunny and bright days, you find dark skies lined with heavy intimidating clouds poetically beautiful. The gray and purple hue engulfing the sky makes the world even more colorful for you than it usually is. Looking up at the sky is a treat for you as you can see the dark clouds in all its glory and see the raindrops falling on your face. It paints your heart with the color of bliss.

3. You love walking in the rain

For you, a rainy day is a perfect time to go out for a walk. You don’t care if you get wet or catch a cold or what people might think about you. You enjoy being out with the elements and experience the various soothing sensations that the rain brings. You don’t care if your clothes are soaking wet or if your hair is ruined because the heavenly water trickling down your skin cleanses your body, mind, and heart. The rain washes away all your worries, fears and problems freeing you from the shackles of your mundane daily life. You walk with a smile as other people run for cover. You are not in a hurry to reach anywhere. You just live in the moment and enjoy being yourself. If you are looking for signs you are a pluviophile, then this is definitely one of them.

4. You feel happier

Your mood changes instantly the moment you see the sky turning dark with heavy clouds and your heart fills with joy and positivity with raindrops piercing the earth. Rain can significantly alter your mood and make you happy instantly even if you are having a really bad day. Sometimes you are amazed at the incredible influence rain has on your mind and psyche. To you, rain means happiness, calmness, and peace regardless of how your day is going.

5. You like rain gazing

Sitting by your window and looking at the rainfall from heaven and onto the land of the mortals is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day. You love looking at the raindrops gliding down your glass window as different droplets mesh into one and run to the bottom. I love looking at the people outside finding their way through life as they struggle to keep dry or enjoy the downpour. You love observing the world outside finding hope in the hauntingly beautiful gloominess of the rain.

6. Rain is music to your ears

You can listen to the different layers of sound the rain makes all through your day. Whether it’s the sound of rain falling on the roof of your car, your clothes, the pavement or your window, you enjoy the various audible textures it creates upon contact with the world around you. You love the sound of the moist wind rushing by your ears and the raindrops bathing your face. This is the most relaxing and soothing sound to you. You don’t need headphones because rain is music to your ears. This is another one of the prominent signs you are a pluviophile.

7. You love the smell of rain

You enjoy breathing in the fresh, clean and rejuvenating air after it rains. But what you love most is the soul-soothing after-rain scent. The pleasant smell of petrichor outside during and after it rains is something you want to save for eternity. If the moist, cold and fresh smell in the air is one of the reasons you love going outside in the rain because it comforts your soul, then it is signs you are a pluviophile.

8. You sleep better

You don’t understand exactly why, but you tend to sleep a lot better on rainy nights. The ambiance, the sound, and the general feeling that it’s raining outside puts you in a deeply comfortable zone. Your mind relaxes as your body eases up when you curl in your bed with the rain dripping heavily outside. You feel a warm feeling inside and you enter a dreamy yet meditative place inside your mind as you drift away to sleep. better and deeper sleep is one of the signs you are a pluviophile.

9. You are secretly a shower addict

There is a reason why monsoon is your favorite season. If only it could rain every day, you would have been the happiest person alive. Sadly, it doesn’t happen like that. And that’s why you resort to the next best alternative to quench your daily thirst for rain – your shower.

As it doesn’t rain every day, you adjust the lack of your favorite natural phenomenon by taking more than two showers most of the days. You love the sensation of the water dripping down your body as it soothes and calms your mind. So you find your solace in your bathroom, especially when there’s no rain outside. The shower helps you experience the same feelings you get from getting wet in the rain. Yes, it’s not the same but it makes you happy nonetheless.

The love of rain

So these were the most common signs you are a pluviophile. If you exhibit most of these traits, then there is no doubt that you are a pluviophile. You practice mindfulness in its true essence and you understand what it means to live in the moment. As a pluviophile person, you have a truly inspiring and unique personality that makes you different from most people around you. You find pleasure, joy, and happiness in nature and the simplest things in life.

So be proud of who you are and be the rain lover that you are meant to be even if others don’t understand you.

Love yourself. Love the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What personality type likes rain?

A person with INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) personality traits, also known as an Advocate, is typically a Pluviophile or a rain lover. Moreover, introverts also tend to love rain due to its calming effect.

What makes someone a Pluviophile?

The calming effects of rain can make someone love rain. The white noise generated by rain helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and helps us relax. This is one of the main reasons why pluviophiles love rain more than others.

What do you call people who hate rain?

A person who dislikes or is afraid of rain or storm is known as a Pluviophobic. They suffer from a form of anxiety disorder known as Pluviophobia or Ombrophobia. They may hate rain for some people it is an indication of sadness.

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Are You A Pluviophile? 9 Signs That You’re A Certified Rain Lover
Are You A Pluviophile? 9 Signs That You’re A Certified Rain Lover
Pluviophile Signs Rain Lover
Are You Pluviophile Signs Rain Lover pin

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  1. Debosmita Majumdar Avatar
    Debosmita Majumdar

    Thank you Theo for this beautiful article, I just googled that there is a word called Pluviophile for people like me and then stumbled on your article. Well now I know am not alone, there are weirdos like me who feel so much joy at the sight of rain, who smiles like a fool when it starts to pour and don’t understand why other people curse it and think its a nuisance.

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