Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life

Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life


Can an app really make you happy?

Happiness apps are more helpful and useful than you can imagine. These self-care mental health apps can bring about a positive change in your life and direct you towards the path of happiness. If you are unable to manage time and have a busy daily schedule, then these feel-good apps can be really helpful for you.

These apps are readily available at the tap on the screen on your phone. Moreover, the apps are designed in a way to offer users a positive experience.

Receiving positive affirmations can make you feel happier and better when you need it the most, just like constant social media notifications can irritate and disturb you.

Some of these apps can help you change your thought process & cultivate a positive mindset by enabling you to improve your behavioral patterns through repetition.

Although not all apps will be super helpful, some of these can actually help you improve your mental health. But these are certainly not an alternative to visiting a mental health specialist or simply talking to a loved one.

Here’s why you need to use happiness apps: 

  • These are easily accessible and you may practice anytime, anywhere.
  • You can use these apps regularly if you are in the habit of using a smartphone.
  • Most of the apps are either free or really affordable.
  • These can help you learn a lot of techniques and practices to boost your mental health.
  • These apps can remind you to enjoy the small things and find happiness in your daily life.

These happiness apps can be a great start for anyone to create positive habits and better mental health in their everyday lives.

Top 5 apps to help become happier in life

Now that you know happiness-inducing apps can be great for your mental health, which apps should you start using immediately? The moment you search for happiness on the app store, thousands of mental health apps will pop up making you wonder which is the right one for you. 

So to help you our in your quest for happiness, here are the best and most helpful happy apps that you will love to use.

1. Happify

mental health apps 2

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

This all-new app is designed to help you cope with stress and find happiness through various online activities. Happify offers you customized games and fun activities that can alter your mood to make you focus on positivity and happiness. Once you start by filling out a questionnaire, the app scores your happiness and provides scientifically validated personalized tracks to increase your happiness. You can also track the progress of your happiness. Available on iOS and Android, the app offers a free version to users with limited features.

Even though it’s a new app, Happify has excellent positive reviews from over 86% of the users. The users reported that they have felt better and happier in just 2 months since using this app. Happify helps you to:

Develop new positive habits through games and fun activities

Build skills to develop a happy and healthy mindset through scientifically-based techniques

Reduce stress and be more resilient 

Develop habits that cultivate positive thinking

2. Calm

mental health apps 1

Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Calm does exactly what it says. It calms you down with their guided meditations, sleep stories, nature sounds and more. This aptly named mental health app helps you find peace of mind regardless of what mood you’re in. Available at Google Play and iTunes, Calm is a free app that offers an excellent overall user experience. The moment you open the app, you instantly feel relaxed thanks to their pleasing imagery and soothing background sounds.

The guided meditation sessions are led by Tamara Levitt who expertly guides you through the entire meditation process leaving you completely relaxed and calm by the end. However, you can choose either guided meditations or unguided meditations. The app boasts a wide variety of meditation topics, a calendar to keep track of your meditation and a stunning interface to give you the best experience. You can use the trial version for free which gives you access to multi-day meditation programs as well as one of the sleep stories. The premium version offers features like:

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