The Key To Finding Happiness Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Key To Finding Happiness Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Revealing each zodiac sign’s key to finding happiness.

To find happiness in life you need to learn let go of past emotions and relationships. By doing this you will be able to gain back your lost confidence and head towards building up a strong personality.

Astrology takes a dive by studying the characteristics of each zodiac sign and its perfect key to find happiness in life.

Here are 12 zodiac sign’s key to finding happiness:

The Key To Finding Happiness Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Know Who you Are

Aries rules our face, our heads, our identity. Without a strong purpose or identity in life, an Aries may not be happy. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is our natural leader; they are the fighters, they are the rebels changing the rules.

They need a Cause, a Purpose, and they need to understand who they are. Quiet your mind Aries.. look deep within. Silently ask yourself “who am I?” and wait for the picture to come alive. Once you focus on what you want, keep that fire burning behind it, you’ll get it.. and your looks will help too.



Strong Self-Worth

Through Taurus, we understand what we value the most. Without a strong Self-worth, a Taurus may not be happy. Ruled by the planet Venus, our Goddess of Love, and the finer things in life, she is the manifesto for all these things, including our own personal finances.

Once a Taurus can communicate what he/she needs clearly through the part of the body they rule, which is the throat, they will become stronger, and instantly get what they deserve. They are the true Manifestoes. I am reminded of the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella; all you need to do is wave that wand, and see the picture of what you want. Make sure it is aligned with your true Values, and big pity-boppy-boo, it will come true.



Communicate Freely

A Gemini that is silenced, or repressed in expressing themselves may not be happy. They need the freedom to express their feelings and emotions through the best way they can: Words. Words are Gemini’s best friends. Mercury is the ruling planet here: the planet that rules our minds, our thoughts, and all forms of Communication.

In Gemini, it makes them the natural writers, poets, musicians, and speakers. I am reminded of George VI, who wasn’t supposed to be appointed King and had to overcome his speech impediment. Then, once he had the courage, he became an inspiration to many. We know your dualistic, beautiful mind has lots to say, and the World is waiting to hear it.



Home is Where the Heart Is

A crab without a safe & cozy Shell, where they can be themselves, may not be happy. A Home to call your own; a place where your emotions are free to flow with the people surrounding you(immediate family, spouse, or children), that understand YOU, and will allow you to be just ‘You’. This is the foundation of Cancer: The Happy- home. Create your sanctuary.

You are the most emotional of all signs because you are ruled by the Moon, that controls the ocean tides. Resolution with mother/ father, and finding peace with your own upbringing, if there are karmic ties that need to be cleared. If there are things that need to be said, say them now. I can’t help to think of the Brady Bunch; how two families had to live together in harmony under one roof, and they did because emotions were always talked out.



Express Yourself Bravely

A Lion without a Pride, may not be happy. A Pride has a purpose, and they look to the King for direction. An audience always needs to be around this gracious, Social- being; they are the Center of attention, ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the light shining brightly through our hearts, like most signs, but especially for Leo’s; they must discover what they love through Creative, self-expression.

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