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5 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

One of the best things in the world is a burst of cheerful laughter. It reduces your sorrows and makes you feel alive.

Laughter is the best medicine!

Last week was a rough week, as my father-in-law went into the hospital with a brain injury and is in serious condition.

I went over to a friend’s house Saturday eve and I laughed until my face and stomach hurt. I didn’t want to go because I was exhausted, but I did and it was well worth the energy it took to get out the door.

Laughter helps get you “unstuck.”


We all need this medicine for many reasons because laughter gets you unstuck!

When was the last time you sat down and uncontrollably laughed?

We have all experienced times where we felt stuck in an area of our lives and those feelings usually make us feel stressed.

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Stress shows up differently for everyone. It can come in the form of poor sleeping habits, debt, difficult relationships, and work pressures.

How we choose to respond will make the difference in getting ourselves unstuck in life. Our response to stress is directly linked to how happy we are. How we describe our story around what is happening in life creates a huge difference in how we feel and ultimately what we end up doing.

As a life coach, I’ve learned that this basic but very effective way of understanding our destructive habits.

Our thoughts make us feel a certain way, and this gets us to do certain things. Doing this can be conscious, giving us choices in life. Or it can be unconscious, which can make us feel like we are a victim of life. When we are a victim of life, we get stuck in destructive patterns.

Laughter is an amazing tool! It instantly turns us around when we feel we are a victim of life. This unconscious way of going thru life puts us in stressed-out zones where we see life as difficult.

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We all should have a laughter button we carry in our pocket to save us from the stressful “curve balls” in life. Laughter has the ability to take our most painful events and give us a bit of hope and strength. One of the greatest gifts in moving yourself forward when you feel stuck is laughter.

So what do you use as your “laugh button”?

For me, I have a picture of my husband I carry around in my pocket because it makes me laugh. He normally has a buzz haircut, but I convinced him to grow it out to have the “Richard Gere Sexy Look.”

Well, let’s just say we didn’t quite get the same look — and the disgusted look on his face is evidence of this. It makes me smile!

How else does laughter affect your life and health?

Here are 5 reasons why laughter is the best medicine.

1. Laughing raises your heart rate.

When we laugh, our body takes in deep breaths that cause our hearts to race. These deep breaths allow our body to take in more oxygen, improving vascular function.

2. Laughter helps you sleep.

Laughter increases your production of melatonin, according to Japanese researchers. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for aiding in a good night’s rest.

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3. Laughter gives you energy.

As explained in the first point, when we take in more oxygen while laughing, we release endorphins. This gives you quick and effective energy.

5 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine

4. Laughter is an anti-depressant.

When you laugh, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help our brain process emotional responses and boost our mood, overall enhancing our experience with pleasure.

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5. Laughter releases stress.

Laughter releases endorphins dissipating hormones released when we are stressed or anxious. These endorphins block out negative energy and lower inflammation in our bodies.

Laughter is so good for the soul!

Not only is it like medicine for your body, heart, and anxiety, but it helps you get amazing sleep and energy. I hope you have a chance today to laugh until your face hurts today!

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Why Laughter Really The Best Medicine Pin

Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine Pin


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