50+ Hilarious Spiritual Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


50+ Spiritual Memes That Are Hilarious And Relatable

Why does Spirituality always have to be a serious topic? No harm in laughing out loud while looking at these spiritual memes that are actually funny!

It’s the 21st Century and everyone is using the internet to exchange ideas, and creativity is sprawled all over the place.

The millennials have found an amusing way to manifest their sarcasm against the hypocrisies of society through a mighty tool called ‘MEMES’.

Memes are all over the place now – making our Mondays a little less painful, our life a little less stressful and our resentment towards nonsense finds a better expression. In totality, memes are our savior.

Did you have a bad day? Read a meme. Are you losing your mind? Read a meme. Are you feeling bored? Read a meme.

And also judge your best friend’s loyalty towards you by counting the number of memes they tag you in! (Not a reliable measure of loyalty, though!)

Spiritual awakening can sure be a painful process, but these funny memes will reduce the pain with the humor they bring along. Be it energy fields, bad vibes, aligning chakras, or crystals – just name it.

Don’t waste any further moments and indulge yourself in the hilarious experience of reading these spiritual memes which are absolutely on point.

50+ Hilarious Spiritual Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Here’re the 50+ spiritual memes that make you laugh:


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

Reading old Facebook posts written before your spiritual awakening. My kundalini is rising.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When I overhear someone talking about spirituality.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When you commit suicide to escape a miserable suffering life on Earth and get reincarnated 30 seconds later…

Brah for real?

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Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When you correctly guess someone’s zodiac sign and feel spiritual AF.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When it’s Monday but it’s good because you meditated and got charged crystals in your pocket.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When you meditated, balanced your chakras, hugged 5 trees and someone has the audacity to try and kill your vibe.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

So today at church a guy in a suit tried to drown me, and I kid you not, my family just stood there taking pictures.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When my higher self finally gets sick of me ignoring all the signs and synchronicities and has to drag my ass where I’m supposed to go.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

Me, no longer allowing people to infect my spirit with their low vibrations.


Check out these relatable spiritual memes that are actually funny

When someone says some slick shit and you’re trying not to flip out because you’re working on being an enlightened individual.

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spiritual memes

Lemme get this straight. So you “spiritual” but you think talking to “spirits” is evil?


spiritual memes

Your spirit guides looking down on your dumb ass as ignore every red flag, number sign, and dream warning they give you.


spiritual memes

Do you wanna come over, we’re balancing chak-


spiritual memes

When someone says my use of foul language is not very spiritual.


spiritual memes

When you’ve meditated, rolled around in the grass butt naked, and drank 10 liters of beet juice but you’re still not grounded. “Pls help”.


spiritual memes

Random person: How can you call yourself a lightworker and use such foul language?

Me: That’s why the fuck your throat chakra is blocked.


spiritual memes

When you know ur an infinite, radiant, powerful being made of light and star stuff, and petty shit don’t bother you no mo.


spiritual memes

When life sends you hard lessons but spirit be like “But did you die?”


spiritual memes

This cat is my spirit animal.


spiritual memes


spiritual memes

Sir, why do you have a child’s ticket? Because I am a child of God.

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spiritual memes

When your third eye has seen too much bullshit.


spiritual memes

Me: *has not done shadow work, meditated, or paid attention to signs from the Universe for weeks*

My guides: You in danger girl.


When u been meditating every day and all of a sudden dumb shit just doesn’t bother you nomo.


When people with dusty ass vibes attempt to get your attention but you’re too focused on the Universe and its blessings.


Prophecy. So what kind of spiritual gift do you-


When you’ve had to exist in the real world all day and come home to detox….


Blocking negative vibes like


When your moms come in the house flooding the room with negative energy.
I felt this on a spiritual level.


Spiritual seeker. What my friends think I do. What society thinks I do. What my mom thinks I do. What yogis think I do. What I think I do. What I actually do.

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Me when I find out he meditates, appreciated crystals + deep conversations, is connected to his feminine, third eye is open, doesn’t watch sports, and loves fruit.


What people think a spiritual awakening is like vs what it’s actually like.
How you keep your sanity in check.. after an insane day.


Someone missed his morning meditation.


When people say ‘I’m spiritual’, Be more specific, demons are spirits too.


When you’re on a spiritual journey and you’ve lost all your friends because you’re shedding energies that no longer serve you, so you’re just laying there talking to the earth.


When you’re going through a spiritual awakening.


How my higher self looks at me when I actually blocked my ego and learned the lesson.


When you didn’t understand why the universe was mercilessly ripping your life apart but, then it all starts coming together and making sense.


Today I will live in the moment. Unless the moment is unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie.


When you on a traditional spiritual path & ya homies not but you still ride for them because you understand duality.


How spirit guides be looking down at my crazy ass every day. This bitch.


anything: *happens*
me: this is a sign


When people arrive at my home, in a low vibration, complaining about what’s wrong with the world. We don’t do that here.


When you’re a clairvoyant empath and people think they’re hiding their energy or feelings from you.


That moment you realize you was trippin over a soul with a low frequency and a calcified pineal gland.


Spiritual people trying to end an online debate
Be blessed
I’ll pray for you


ME: I think all my tough spiritual lessons
are over now….


Would this help?


You’re about to have an amazing spiritual breakthrough.
Can’t wait. It’s going to be easy right?


It’s going to be easy right?


This quote speaks to me on a spiritual level
Should I…
…sleep or should I shower?
I could sleep in the shower.
Ugh, but I’m also starving.


At first I was like:
Life is meaningless.
But now, I’m like :
Life is meaningless.

What people think a spiritual awakening is like vs what it’s actually like:
I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.


When it’s my turn to introduce myself at the spiritual retreat:
I’m usually pretty zen until you f*ck with me.


This is Bill!
Bill is an imaginary character existing within awareness.
Your body-mind is also an imaginary character existing within awareness.
There is no Bill. And there is no You.

We hope you enjoyed these spiritual memes that are relatable. Can you share some memes that are funny in the comments down below? Memes about God, memes about life; we are down for all kinds of fun!

36 Hilarious Spiritual Memes That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Out
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