11 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s Still In Love With You Post Breakup

11 Not-So-Obvious Signs He's Still In Love With You Post Breakup

What do you find when you look into his eyes? Pain? It might be a sign that he still loves you.  

Does everything end with the end of a relationship? Can a mere breakup erase all memories and feelings?

When two people engage with each other in an extremely intimate manner, they literally share their mind, body, and soul with each other. A breakup, or any other terrestrial force, does not have the capacity to completely erase two people from each other’s memories. 

A breakup, either mutual or one-sided, will leave behind some reminiscence of love and affection. No matter how much the physical distance is, how much you pretend to hate each other, a heart once stolen is rarely returned safely! You might have blocked each other on social media, have stopped passing by places you both used to visit, have deleted each other’s photos and tried every possible thing to entirely remove the other person of your memories. 

Ask me, is moving on from a person, a relationship possible? Yes.
Is completely eliminating years of created memories possible? Unfortunately, No.

And here’s the truth, those memories will forever be a part of your life, whether or not your partner is currently in your life. 

It’s already an established fact that men find it more difficult to move over a breakup than a woman.

Followed by a breakup, it is not unnatural to be curious “Does he love me?” So, what are the few ‘not-so-in-the-face’ signs that your ex-partner is still head over heels in love with you? 

Here are 11 subtle signs that your ex is still in love with you:

1. Mutual friends keep telling that he won’t shut up about how much he hates you.

Ah, defense! 

If he has the time to talk about you – even if it’s something demeaning, you must know that he still nurtures feelings for you. 

By talking about how much he hates you, he is actually trying to cover up his residual feelings for you. He knows it’s unacceptable to still love you, so he ends up telling others how mean and vindictive you are (as this behavior is expected!). And that he hates you! 

When we have entirely moved on from someone, we leave them in the past and never bring her up in the present.


2. Frequent drunk dials from him.

If he has a drinking habit, this one is a must! Even if you do not get drunk calls from him, you sure would get text messages from him.

No matter how cringey it might sound, but drunk dials mean you are still on his mind.


3. He secretly keeps contact with your family members.

Does he have your siblings’ or your parent’s contact numbers? If so, for sure he will contact them once in a while to know what’s currently happening in your life.

He still cannot accept that his significance in your life has diminished.


4. Frequent ghost calls?

Nah! Ghosts ain’t calling you!
Do you get frequent calls from different unidentifiable numbers?

If yes, it might be your ex-boyfriend. Most often than not, when you pick up these calls, the person on the other end will never speak a word but you can guess that the silence is not because of any technical fault. There’s someone on the other end, not quite sure what to speak.

These calls typically get disconnected from the other end, followed by your inquiry of who the caller was.


5. His social media posts are all about lost love.

You open up your social media handles and find out (if you haven’t blocked him yet!) tons and tons of sad songs, sad love quotes, links about lost love, posted by him. 

If all of his posts are about lost love, heartbreak, pain and betrayal, it’s a high chance that those posts are for you!

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