10 Tips On How To Survive Post-Breakup Blues


Tips On How To Survive Post-Breakup Blues

Are you wondering how to survive post-breakup blues?

Breakups can hit you hard and you’re bound to fall on your knees if not fall flat. There will be moments you start losing yourself in desolation and try some unhealthy things in an attempt to fill that void. Researchers have concluded that the pain you feel post-breakup is real. It is damaging and hurting and like any other pain, it takes the time to heal, in fact, longer than physical pain.

The blues can turn you dark and take you on a ride to hell but the good or maybe bad (depends on your perspective) thing is, life goes on. End of relationship does not the end of life. However, surviving the post-breakup blues needs one heck of survival instinct.

Ways to survive the post-breakup blues

1. Let go and burn all the bridges.

This is the most difficult and essential part. This is an extreme step but it actually works. If you keep the bridges that connect you two, you cannot really move on. If you keep seeing your ex’s face everywhere whether it is an old photograph or on any social media, it’s going to be very difficult for you to let go.

Unfriend/unfollow them all the social medias, box away from their pictures, gifts and any memory that you may accidentally bump into. Don’t try to cherish the old emails and messages, maybe it’s hard but deletes them slowly. Burn all the bridges that may connect you and as time passes things won’t matter anymore.

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2. Friends to the rescue

This insane bond between friends turns out to be a lifesaver on more than one occasion. In these hard times having friends around is the best thing that can happen to you. You can pour your heart out to them and they will be all ears, they can lend you their shoulder to cry on or treat you with beer or chocolates. Your friends know how to get you out of this trauma. Just don’t shut yourself from the world and let it in and have yourself around your friends. Everyone has been through this and they know what you need.

3. Music is a healer

Music helps you heal just like time does. Music is a powerful thing, like all other forms of art this one is magical too. You will have your share of sad songs and heartbreak songs but know this the music you listen to will have the power to heal you. No matter what genre you like there are songs about moving and being strong by some good musicians. The music you choose to listen to influences your mood, you might want to be careful in choosing there.

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4. Rediscover yourself

You feel too weak to step outside and face the world, but my friend, not leaving the house for days and locking yourself alone will do no good to you. it’s time to discover yourself all over again. It’s time to discover what makes you happy, it’s to find out what you want, it’s time to do what you always wanted to do. Instead of losing yourself to loneliness, lose yourself in introspection. Be the way you want people to see you. Breakups can be a great motivation to better you. Step out and go find that smile of yours.

5. Laughter is the best medicine.

Indeed it is! laughter works wonder no matter how broken you are. Studies have proved that if you start making yourself laugh though forced at that beginning, you eventually start laughing for real. Get off with staring at the ceiling and playing with memories and losing yourself in melancholy. Let laughter heal your heartache so that you can survive the post-break blues.

Well, the source of laughter is abundant in the wild. Go back to the cartoons, remember Tom n jerry? Yeah, I still love them. Watch your favorite comedy movies and series, and do I need to tell you about youtube? You will probably find enough videos to laugh at for the rest of your life. And be with friends their silly jokes never stop and neither should it. Laugh your pain off.

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6. Let the emotions flow

Express yourself! Don’t hold back the tears or anger or even the frustration, cry your pain out, and for the rest pick a canvas and paint your pain there. Express yourself anyway you want; write, paint, sing, draw, play, or anyway just let it out. The raw emotions of pain and post-breakup blues, they often help you create the masterpiece.

“Words are like water, powerful enough to cut through rocks if channeled properly. Add a little creativity and they are like rain drenching your soul. And if poured along with emotions they are like snow; holding a thousand storms within.” –Shamsir Alam

When you let it out in any form you feel much lighter from within. Pain is the best catalyst for the pen.

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7. Don’t give up.

Breakups break you but do remember when you fall it is not the end, you fell so that you could look at what just happened and learn from it. You may think this is the end and the love is gone, the hope is gone and there’s no more meaning to life and god forbid what not!

You’re better than this, you’re better than giving up, belief in yourself. Life is a journey through the mountains, you meet snow, desert, forest, rocks, valleys, that is how life goes on, you meet people, you feel in love, things don’t work out you break up, you struggle and you heal and again you meet someone, this goes on and on. The love it lives inside you, it doesn’t leave with your partner. In this process you learn a lot about yourself and people, you learn important life lessons. Just let the post-breakup blues give you pain but don’t ever give up.

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8. Time to build yourself

Well, end the honeymoon with alcohol and all the junk food you have befriended post-breakup. Enough of this shit now pick yourself up and breathe the fresh air. Start exercising; the chemicals released during exercise makes you feel happier and add the final touch to your healing oh and not to forget you look better. Ditch the junk food and start eating healthy, if you can meditate then you’re god. Build yourself mentally and physically. You are still awesome and will always be, flaunt it.

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9. Never go back

Don’t text, call, or Facebook your ex, it won’t do any good. ‘He who betrayed thee once shall betray thee again’. It’s about time you turn the page and start the new chapter of your life. Let the past be where it belongs- in the past. Live in the present moment and work for the happiness of you and your loved ones. Most of all control the urge of texting or calling them when you’re drunk, it’s usual to miss them more when drunk but avoid texting or calling them. Just move on with your life and look forward to the endless possibilities.

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10. Know that you will rise and fall (in love) again

No matter how bad things ended up last time know that it is not the end. You will fall in love again and this time bigger and better. Bigger and better because you have healed, you rise when you fell and now you know yourself better. You have with you the lessons the previous relationship gave and now you are more mature.

You introspected and now are a better version of yourself, you can see this the way people react to you. Just don’t go looking for love, let it find you until then be there improving yourself, following your passion. Don’t shut yourself to love, when the time comes it will hit you again.

Are you ready to survive post-breakup blues? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, share the article with your friends and help them too!

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