Sexy Is The Man Who…

The popular perception of sexy men is that they earn good, look hot and are well-built. However, riches do not hint at the real sexiness of a man. These are the ideas fed to the masses from popular fiction and television.

sexiness is Something that attracts the mind and treats the senses.

sexiness cannot be something so narrow, so superficial. It has to be Much More!  

sexiness in men can be seen not just in the way they look, but in the many things they do.

sexy Is The Man Who...


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… doesn’t shy away from his mistakes. If he commits any misdeed, then he isn’t afraid to accept it, and make amendments. The one who is able to treat his ex-partner with due respect is the real sexy man.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… has the strength to cry on his breakups and divorce (if he didn’t want it) is actually strong and sexy.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… can be with his woman, in her struggles and pains. If he has the sense to let the woman have her space and just support her at every turn of her life, then he is the ultimate sexy man according to women.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… isn’t impatient when stuck in traffic, one who has a sense of driving and parking. He, who doesn’t think that he owns the roads, is sexy.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… isn’t shy when it comes to taking care of his child. He mustn’t suppose for them to be his carbon copy. He should accept the individuality and uniqueness of his child. The sexy man has his way with kids, and he doesn’t have to use anger in order to keep them in control.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… doesn’t force himself on his partner. He must consider the wishes of his woman when it comes to making love even to her.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… is kind and sensitive. If he sees a woman with no wedding ring but a necklace with the name of kids engraved, then he must overtip her. He shouldn’t ignore the importance of humanity.


  • Sexy Is The Man For Whom… Cleanliness and hygiene are of cardinal importance. He must take a shower, keep his body and surroundings clean.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… feels the pain of others. Someone who is sensitive and is respectful of emotions. Someone who doesn’t feel annoyed about a depressed person, but understand her instead.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… can cook and is good at household chores. If he can bake a cake for his children’s birthday then his sexiness level shoots up to its double.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… treats Mother Earth with respect; it doesn’t litter anywhere and everywhere. If he believes in recycling, then he has the quality of a sexy man.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… finds a companion in his books. If a man prioritizes books over the phone, then his personality attracts lots of attention.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… doesn’t demean the women around him.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… doesn’t pretend when he is unaware of something but is smart enough to seek information about the topic.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… respects women in general and hasn’t forgotten the sacrifices of his mother.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… has the persistence to feel the pain and face the problem that gives him a lesson of life is truly sexy. He must respect and uphold the truth.


  • Sexy Is The Man Who… can laugh at his mistakes and has the sense to accept them. 

Sexy is all the above and much more.. sexy is not appearance but is a feeling. 

What is a sexy Man to you?

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