13 Things Emotionally Mature Men Do Differently

Things Emotionally Mature Men Do Differently

Emotionally mature men are hard to come by, but is it really their fault? Hasn’t society conditioned them to be the exact opposite of that?

In certain cultures, men are not expected to be emotionally vulnerable. They are taught to repress their feelings, to be tough and hard as if they are devoid of emotions. Right from their childhood men get the notion that being emotional is a sign of weakness. This cultivates them unhealthy emotional habits that prevent them from connecting with others on an emotional plane. Intimacy is a very difficult thing for these men.

Is there any need to be like this? The answer is no. If you are like this, it’s never too late to change and be more open and intimate with your partner.

You won’t lose anything.

Here are 13 things emotionally mature men do and 13 goals for men who want to be like them:

1) Accept feelings.

Hiding or suppressing your natural feelings doesn’t make you emotionally mature. It is not that you don’t feel sadness or pain, but you struggle to stay calm and unmoved. Experiencing them in their complete intensity allows you to handle them better. Running away from them will only prolong your discomfort.

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2) Conscious of harmful patterns.

When life puts you in situations that stir your emotions, you can either allow the emotions to flow and respond accordingly or ignore the turmoil. If you choose the latter, you would try to fight your emotions or distance yourself from the situation. This is called fight or flight response. These damaging patterns will continue to surface.

If you learn that discomfort is only natural and allow yourself to feel it, you will be in a much better state to manage the responses triggered by life situations.

3) Put their best efforts to be emotionally mature.

If you are someone who has always fought or avoided emotions, but is still reading this article, it’s clear that at some level you have opened up to self-reflection. If you have begun to wonder how it is to experience emotions and feelings, you intend to be emotional maturity.

You have to have the will to expose yourself to the world of emotions and feelings, to be vulnerable. Instead of running away from them, let them affect you and then work through those emotions.

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4) Learn from the old patterns.

However, even after identifying how damaging the old patterns are, you continue to remain in them, you will face the same issues. On the other hand, you can save yourself by doing whatever it takes to be vulnerable to emotions and feelings.

Not only will you gain emotional maturity, but people around you will also know you too are capable of feeling. You will be able to connect with them emotionally and that will do wonders for your relationships.

5) Openly communicate their feelings.

Being passive for long leaves you in a state of mind in which you don’t know what to do with the emotions when you allow them to flood your mind and soul. You can write your feelings in a diary or talk to someone you can trust.

Some people can’t get relief like this. For them, talking to a therapist is a better option. Communicating helps you understand your feelings and handle them in the right way.

6) Willingness to discuss difficult issues.

For someone who has never had an emotional conversation, it’s difficult to open up suddenly. But, even then, willingness should be there. So, one should start and practice. If there is a point of disagreement on which you need to talk, don’t avoid it, just make sure you speak and speak respectfully.

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