9 Reasons Why Strong, Sensitive Men Are The Best Men To Love

9 Reasons Why Strong, Sensitive Men Are The Best Men To Love

When it comes to dating, you would come across different kinds of people with different personality traits and value systems.

Think back in your own life, you would have been attracted to a lot of manly, outgoing and charismatic guys only to discover they are insensitive to your needs and feelings.
And you would have friend zoned the sensitive guys with whom you could actually pour your heart out.

But having matured, you would have realized the sensitive kinds of guys whom you rejected in your younger years are actually the kind of guys you should be dating?



Because as you mature you realize that good relationships are those where you can get along and grow with your partner easily.

Relationships can be tough and therefore we need someone who is caring and easy to communicate with instead of someone who shuts down, holds grudges or constantly engages in one up blame games in relationships.

This is why sensitivity is a crucial trait in a partner. Someone who is sensitive has certain calmness – he’s confident in his own skin- he doesn’t try to dominate someone unnecessarily to show his masculinity.

He knows how to respect his own and others feelings. He is comfortable with authenticity and vulnerability in relationships. He would let you be 100 percent yourself in the relationship.


Here are 9 reasons why sensitive men are the best guys to love:

1) They have empathy

Empathy is the most important factor in love.

Each one of us has been born with different conditionings, value systems, experiences and belief systems.

It is only empathy that helps a person to put himself in another’s shoes and understand why someone does what he does, what is his pain, what is his joy, what are his dreams, what makes him move?

A person with Empathy has a tremendous understanding and ability to intuitively find out the needs of others.

If you are going through a bad day or have something troubling you, you can count on the sensitive guy’s ability to sense your discomfort.

An empathetic person will try his best to soothe your pain.


2) They are more open

Men usually do not share their feelings, which make it difficult for women to relate to them.

Sensitive men are more open to sharing their feelings and they keep you posted on what is happening in their lives.

It is easier if you have a guy who involves you in his life and opens up his heart to you than being with a guy who just keeps everything to himself.

After all communication is the heart of a good relationship and sensitive guys are pros at it!


3) They are very calm and patient

Sensitive men are more patient as compared to the strong and manly guys.
They make an effort to understand why you do, what you do, instead of assuming things and blaming you.

If you tell them that you cannot go on a date because you have an urgent work meeting, they will understand instead of creating a fuss about it.

We go through a lot of ups and downs in life and it helps to have a partner who is mature and calm and who can make the journey of life fun and easy instead of a guy who is a narcissist or dominating kinds.


4) They listen and really listen

Most of the problems in relationships happen because people like to talk more than they like to listen.

A sensitive person knows how to give you space to say your thing without interrupting in between.

Their sensitive streak makes them very aware of other person’s needs and they are very eager to give you a patient hearing to find out what’s bothering you and if they can be of any help.

Being sensitive themselves, they know how it feels to be unheard, so they try their best to give you space to let yourself be heard completely.

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