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Why Nice Guys Aren’t Good Men

It’s very natural to think that nice guys and good men are the same, but the actual truth is that nice guys aren’t always good men. There are a host of differences which prove the fact that nice guys aren’t good men, and even though that might difficult to believe, it’s true. Everyone tends to think they are the same, but no, they are not.

“Just because you are a nice guy, doesn’t mean you are a good man.” ― Zyanya Torres.

Yes, you might start scratching your beard and wonder, what’s the point in this question and if you are doing this right now, then this article is for you. Strange as it might sound, there are differences between a nice guy and a good man, and nice guys aren’t necessarily always good men.

Here Are 16 Reasons Why Nice Guys Aren’t Good Men

1. Selfish vs selfless.

A nice guy will do nice things and expect the same in return. He will be there to take his lady out on a lavish date and then he will expect her to do something for him, as a form of repayment.

For a good man, this goodness comes from within. He is good by nature. He doesn’t expect people to behave like him. If someone is good to him, that’s more than fine.

2. Public image vs inherent character.

For a nice guy, public image is of extreme importance. Whatever he does, contributes to the enhancing of his image. He needs to be loved and admired by everyone.

But a good man is only conscious of his character. As long as people appreciate his character, he is at peace. He does not put too much thought into how people are perceiving him, and he never forces himself to be in the good books of others. He has enough confidence in himself and his character.

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3. Unhealthy boundaries vs healthy boundaries.

The boundary of a nice guy is fluid; he molds it as per his needs. If he needs something from someone, he will forget what boundaries are, and will solely focus on his personal needs.

The good man knows his boundaries well, and he knows what his limits are. This is one of the biggest reasons why people respect him a lot, and always look up to him. Knowing your limits, and not taking anyone for granted is something that makes them who they are.

4. Needy love vs true love.

A nice guy will flatter his lady love and say all the right things to make sure that she always trusts him, and will make her feel that she is the apple of his eye and the center of his universe.

But a good man understands the value of true love and knows that being in a romantic relationship with someone doesn’t mean discarding other people and work. He will love her and give her the respect and attention she deserves, without pressuring her to make him her everything.

5. Fear of rejection vs accepts rejection.

Rejection freaks out a nice guy, and that is why he always looks for validation from others. Most of the time he suffers from low-confidence and self-esteem issues, and unless someone tells him that he is good enough, he doesn’t feel better.

The good man, on the other hand, knows his worth, and never relies on anyone else for validation. He sees acceptance and rejection in the same light and understands that if you want to grow in life, you need to take both in stride.

6. Secretive vs Transparent.

A nice guy needs a shroud to hide his intentions, and he is extremely secretive about how he actually is, and what his thoughts are. Seldom does he behave in a transparent manner.

The good man is transparent, and his aims and motifs are clear to all and to him. He never feels the need to hide his true intentions, as he is always comfortable with who he is, and how he is.

7. Blames others vs being accountable.

For a nice guy, there’s always a person or an incident to be blamed for all the negativities in his life. He never takes the responsibility for the things that have happened to him, and always blames other people for his misfortune.

A good man will never put the blame on others. He will not only take responsibility for his own actions but also be responsible for others. He is strong and confident enough to accept the bad things that have happened and move on from them.

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8. Sugarcoating vs telling the real truth.

A nice guy will only say things people want to hear and pacify them. Even if they want to tell you the real truth, they will choose not to, because they want to remain in your good books.

A good man will say whatever the other person should hear. He will never run from the truth just to stay in someone’s good books, and will always say what needs to be said.

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