9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

Do you always find yourself crying, whether you’re reading a book or watching a movie? Do your tears flow whenever your emotions start ringing? If you cry a little too much, then here are a few reasons why you cry all the time.

When your heart rains

It starts with a choking feeling. Your heart feels heavier as your lips begin to tremble. You can feel the wetness in your eyes so you start blinking faster trying to prevent it. As you feel the tears forming up in your eyes and desperately wanting to escape, you give in and let it all out. You let your emotions take over you and you end up crying uncontrollably once again. That’s why you cry. Tears catch you when you least expect it, at times and places you don’t want to let your emotions loose.

If you let your heart rule your mind, then you will probably find yourself weeping and shedding tears a lot more than others. But that’s okay. It’s normal for us to cry when we feel overwhelmed, upset or depressed. Crying uncontrollably is not a sign of emotional or psychological weakness. 

Crying is a natural response to different emotions from sadness to happiness. You may cry because you are upset about something. While someone else may cry due to loneliness. Another person may shed tears of joy. But there’s no doubt that crying can help you feel mentally and emotionally better as it releases the chemicals stored in the body due to depression, anxiety and stress. One study has found that crying helps to cope and recover emotionally, “specifically through physiological changes that occur during crying.” 

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9 Reasons Why You Cry So Easily and At Times Even Without A Reason

Tears speak a universal language

Crying is a means of communication that speaks about our innermost feelings and emotions. Whether you are just teary eyed or end up crying for hours, it can happen at any time and for any reason. And sometimes, we find ourselves weeping a lot more than we’d like to without any meaningful reason. At times, we may not know why we can’t stop crying uncontrollably. However, when you take a pause and become aware of your tears and how much you have cried recently, it may help you understand what you are actually feeling inside and how sad and upset you may be.

However, if you wonder why you cry even when we don’t want to, then there may be a number of reasons why you’re feeling this way.

9 Reasons why you cry so easily

Here are a few reasons why you cry frequently and much more easily than most other people.

1. It’s biology

Although crying is natural in all human beings, gender does play a part. If you are a woman, then you may find yourself crying more than the opposite gender. Why? Biologically, women are wired to cry a lot more than men. Women tend to have higher levels of the reproductive hormone prolactin which makes them shed tears frequently, while the hormone testosterone prevents men from crying. 

According to studies by William H. Frey, PhD in 1980s and Lauren Bylsma, PhD in 2011, women tend to cry about 5.3 times every month, whereas men cry around 1.3 times during the same period.

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2. Emotional stability

Your personality, traits and emotional sensitivity may also determine why you cry. If you tend to a sensitive person, then you may find yourself crying a lot more than others. If you are an empath or emotional or a highly sensitive person (HSP), then you are more likely to be emotionally sensitive. Moreover, HSPs are more aware and connected with their environment which makes them highly emotionally responsive. This may be another good reason why you may find yourself crying more than you want to.

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