Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure-Fire Things You Can Do Right Now

Ways To Fight Depression

This, too, shall pass.

First of all, if you are looking for ways to fight depression, let me tell you despite what you are going through right now…you will get over this. I know it feels like the absolute end of the world, but trust me you have the strength inside you to get through this. You may not feel it right now, but it’s there.

Yes. Depression sucks. I don’t need to tell you that. I personally have been struggling with depression for as long as I can remember. It’s what they call ‘Smiling Depression’. So basically I function and act normally in front of people, but what goes inside is a whole different story. To top it off, I am an introvert and suffer from social anxiety. And I even became suicidal at one point. Yeah, go figure.

Depression is the absolute worst thing you feel in your life.

Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure-Fire Things You Can Do Right Now

It’s not that you feel sad. It’s that you feel nothing. There is just a feeling of numbness inside that makes everything look bleak and meaningless. There is always a feeling of heaviness inside that you just can’t get rid of despite your best efforts. Your mind, body, thoughts and emotions all seem to be drained of energy. You don’t feel like doing anything and only your bed seems to offer you some solace.

You cry for no reason and hate yourself for feeling this way. You want to do something about it, you want to get out of this deep dark pit you are stuck in, but you don’t have the mental strength or willpower to do anything. You feel like you have no one to help you even though you desperately want someone to care.

Here’s the thing. They do care. And let me tell you there is a way out of this. There are ways to fight depression.

Know that there is always hope, even when your mind says otherwise.

Is It Depression?

There is a difference in being depressed and in being simply upset. We can be upset about many things in life. But eventually, it passes. Depression on the other hand is a completely different feeling that goes way beyond the feelings of sadness.

Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure-Fire Things You Can Do Right Now

So it’s important you identify the warning signs of depression. Here are a few signs and symptoms you need to look out for-

  • Hopelessness
  • Anger & Irritability
  • Anxiety & Restlessness
  • Self-Loathing
  • Losing interest in daily activities
  • Changing in Appetite & Weight
  • Fatigue, insomnia and sleep problems
  • Reckless Behavior
  • Decreasing Energy Levels
  • Uncontrollable Emotions
  • Suicidal Thoughts & Tendencies

You Can Fight Depression. And Win.

Once you have made sure that this feeling inside is actually depression, then you need to build up the courage to determine that you want to fight this. That you’ve had enough. That THIS version of you is not the REAL you. Then the real fight begins.

Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure-Fire Things You Can Do Right Now

Make no mistake. This is a fight. This will not be easy and it will need you to be very strong and determined. It may take a lot out of you to survive this, but you WILL survive this.

You are a warrior. Not just a survivor. You ARE stronger than these battles of life.

So, here are the 4 most effective ways to fight depression.

1. Talk To Someone

It doesn’t matter who you talk to…it can be your parents, your siblings, your friend or simply someone who cares. Talk to someone you know will listen to you and then let it all out. They don’t have to understand everything you are going through. They simply need to hear you out. The more you keep things to yourself, the worse it will get. And that was my biggest mistake. Even after having a loving family and a caring girlfriend, I decided to keep my depression to myself. I felt ashamed to talk about. But I was so wrong. Eventually I shared everything with my girlfriend and that’s where things started to change for me.

1 thought on “Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure-Fire Things You Can Do Right Now”

  1. Avatar of Patricia Tapp

    Those of you who have someone to talk to or doctors who give a toss give thanks.
    I had to deal with my ageing parents alone. I thought I’d get a life (aged 60) when my mother passed. Covid-19 put a stop to that.
    No holidays. No life. Other half who thinks it funny I have to fix my own car exhaust as he just calls a mechanic. He goes away to have fun with his family and friends.
    He says he loves me but only as far as sex. He won’t even mow the law.
    He can’t even get mug or plate to the sink.
    All he does is criticise.
    I am on my own, and have to pull my own finger out.
    That’s why we hide our depression. Because nobody gives a toss.

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