The Science of Crying: Why It Is Healthy & Necessary For Personal Growth

 August 23, 2016

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Did you know that human beings aren’t the only animals that feel sadness? Almost all animals express sadness, depression, and loneliness in their own way.  In fact, almost all mammals mourn the loss of their offspring.  But human beings are the only type of animal that are taught self-expression should be tamed or suppressed.  Girls are told to stop being so “sensitive”, and boys are told to “be a man” and toughen up.  Boys are taught that crying to much means they are a sissy, and girls are told crying too much makes them crazy.

We aren’t told that crying is actually essential and is something we should do more of if we feel it’s what we need to do to express ourselves.  We develop resistance to crying, which causes emotional suppression, which causes psychological and physical complications.  We bottle up our emotions and expect them to take care of themselves, when the cure to our problems is sometimes as simple as allowing ourselves to actually feel deeply for a moment.

Contrary to what we are told by society, crying is actually health and should come as naturally to us as smiling if it’s what we feel in a moment.  

Here are some key reasons why crying is necessary for healing and personal growth:

1) It clears your energy field

Crying is for your energy field like showering is for your body.  It releases built up emotions and feelings, and gets energy moving through your chakras in the way that nature intended.  Your body is not stupid.  It knows what it needs to feel and when.  It’s just a matter of giving yourself permission to feel what you feel and look passed any social programming or conditioning that is preventing you from opening up to your own emotions.

If you feel tension in your energy field, it is usually because of suppressed emotions and you are holding on to something.  To fully let go, you can’t just let go in your mind. You have to also let go in your energy field, and you do this by stopping the habit of resisting vulnerability and holding back tears.

2) It allows more to come up

Everytime I cry, more and more bubbles up that I didn’t even realize was there.  For example, anger is a typical defense mechanism to cover up pain and fear.  When you allow yourself to see past your anger and into your pain, you will realize that you are only angry because you are in pain or are scared of being in pain again.  When you realize you are in pain, you will begin to cry and start to discover why.

What starts off as you crying over seeing your boyfriend talking to another girl ends up in being you crying over feeling rejected by all male figures in your life and how you are afraid of non-acceptance by males.  And crying over this makes you realize that you really wish your father would reach out to you, and makes you realize that you wouldn’t feel so insecure in your relationship if you repaired your relationship with your dad.   The more you cry, the more comes up from your subconscious mind.

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