7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Makes You More Successful

Spending Time Alone Makes You Successful

People who prefer alone time over socializing are more likely to be successful. Science reveals the link between being alone and successful.

It is essential for each and every one of us to have our own alone time, whether we’re an introvert or an extrovert. Now, spending time with others is just as important, owing to the fact that we are social beings, but don’t let it distract you from the benefits of spending time with yourself. We need to take our own time out from everyone else and sit with our thoughts or do something productive in solitude for the sake of our well being.

In this day and age where social media is considered a must for everyone, we are bombarded with notifications that may be messages and calls from our loved ones or even from strangers. Nothing wrong with that. But if it takes up too much of our precious time and if it cuts down the time we get to spend with ourselves, that’s when it becomes a problem. Also, the withdrawal from social interactions has it’s ways of making us feel lonely.

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7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Makes You More Successful

Now, being alone and feeling lonely are two completely different things. There are people that feel lonely even in a room full of people, whereas, there are also people that don’t feel lonely for hours on end in solitude. In fact, spending more time in solitude daily might actually reduce your feelings of loneliness. Like every other skill, solitary skills need effort and take practice till you grow to become comfortable with being by yourself. But avoiding the feeling of loneliness isn’t the only reason you should be spending time alone, read on to find out the benefits of being alone and how it can help you to be more successful.

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Here’s what science reveals about being alone and how it can make you more successful:

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7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Makes You More Successful

1. You Get To Know Yourself Better.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

– Aristotle

In solitude, you are not influenced by the opinion and decisions of others. How you spend your time alone is totally up to you since you don’t have to consider the feelings of others. The decisions that you make and the actions you take when you’re alone will let you know and understand more about yourself, as opposed to being uncertain or 50/50 on decisions when you’re around other people.

As much as we may hate to admit it, at the end of the day, it’s every man for himself. Spending time alone can help us to accept this reality and reap it’s goodness. When you are not defined by others, you have a solid knowledge of your identity. This also come with the benefit of feeling good in your own skin. The more you know yourself, the better you are at handling situations where it is essential to have solid insights about your authentic self.

2. You Are Relieved From Much Anxiety.

The hustle and bustle of the modern world has us spinning in circles, congesting our minds with thoughts that often cause us much anxiety. From keeping up with our time schedules to thinking about what our next step in life is, our minds race with thoughts on a daily basis which can in turn cause much stress and strain.

Spending time alone can grant us the head space to think our thoughts through. Spring cleaning our minds can help us in various areas of our lives in many positive ways. Taking time out daily to get rid of negative and unnecessary thoughts is a must in order to tackle and overcome the anxiety that comes along with such thoughts.

3. You Have Better Relationships.

When you spend time alone, you are granted more time to analyse and appreciate your relationships from a distance. With an open mind and more head space, you get to connect dots and choose relationships that bring more value into your life. You realize your deepest desires in solitude without it being tarnished or tampered by the opinion of others.

Spending time away from even your closest friends and family will help you appreciate their presence when they’re around as well. When you’re around other people for too long you may tend to develop thoughts that compare yourself to others around you. This reduces your empathy and creates an unhealthy environment, even if it’s only in your head. Spending time alone keeps this mindset in check and allows you to develop more compassion according to studies.

4. You Make Better Memories And You Develop Gratitude.

Our mind’s ability to make memorable and lasting memories is enhanced when we spend more time alone, according to a study in Harvard. The right amount of solitude refreshes our mind with better perspectives and sets us in the right mood. Also, if we spend too much time with others, we tend to take some of the more memorable events and happenings for granted which becomes nothing more than a vague memory that isn’t worth remembering. So, spending time alone can help you appreciate even the worthwhile conversations that you have with your loved ones because those are the memories worth remembering.

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