How to Protect Yourself Against Psychic Hoovering

Protect Yourself Against Psychic Hoovering

Are you the victim of psychic hoovering? Looking for ways to break the psychic binds of the narcissist? It’s unsettling, it’s eerie, it’s downright inexplicable.  You’ve finally gone No Contact — and then experience soul-wrenching episodes similar to these:

You drive by the restaurant that you and your narcissistic Ex used to frequent together and suddenly, they call you. 

You’re flipping through the channels one night and come across the romantic comedy the two of you watched at that quaint retro movie theater when you first started dating.  Your phone jingles.  You look at it and realize, with surprise, that your Ex has sent you an email. 

You’re doing laundry one lazy Saturday morning and find an old t-shirt they left behind.  You pick it up, gently pressing it to your face to see if it still carries their scent.  You suddenly feel their presence so strongly, you could almost swear they’re in your house somewhere. 

It’s moments like these that may convince you that the narcissist is destined to be your life-long companion.  You begin to believe that the troubles in the relationship must have been the result of an inevitable, tempestuous bond between tortured soulmates.

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You feel cosmically connected to them and mourn the phantom limb absence of your lost partner.  You suffer pain and damage by punishing yourself for your mistakes and some of the reckless things you did while in the relationship.

If they are trying to connect with you during your moments of sorrow and distress, then surely the two of you share a bond.  You feel a sudden, consuming need to call them.  You can’t just deny this psychic link the two of you share.  To do so would be to interfere with destiny.

You pick up your phone and dial their number…thereby opening yourself up for months or years of continued emotional abuse and defilement of your soul.

Why does it seem the narcissist knows exactly when to reach out?  How do they sense when you’re at your lowest point?  While you may indeed share a bond, you shouldn’t interpret it as a divine sign that you belong together.  There are generally two explanations for the above-mentioned scenarios, neither of which have to do with you and the narcissist being star-crossed lovers.

1. You’re being monitored and need to reset your phone and computer to protect yourself from spyware that may have been planted on your devices.  You’ll also want to have your vehicle checked for a GPS tracking device.

It happens.  Not only was I personally monitored this way, many of my clients have been, as well.  When it comes to narcissists, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

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2. You’re being hoovered psychically.  This may seem like a bizarre concept to some, but it’s really nothing more than the pull of energetic ties (or cords) that you’ve created with the narcissist.  These energetic bonds are deeper when emotional trauma has been a core element of the relationship.

One of the most important things we can do for our soul’s health and growth is cutting cords that still bind us to toxic relationships. Many people don’t realize that when you have a relationship with someone, you become connected energetically — especially when there is a strong emotional event such as emotional manipulation and soul abuse. Additionally, when we are intimate with someone, we strengthen these energetic ties and in the process, make subliminal contracts with the other person.

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  1. Avatar of Terry Bickal

    I know somebody going through this, his narcissist is a destructive manipulative user, he doesn’t see it…..yet. It’s a scary time bomb…it will destroy and consume him very soon.

    1. Avatar of Kim Saeed

      You may be right, Terry. The sad part is that when we are in it, we don’t see the horrifying truth that’s staring at us straight into the windows of our soul. Hopefully, he will eventually see and leave before it’s too late. <3

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