Does The Narcissist Loves New Supply More?

Does The Narcissist Loves New Supply More

After you have ended your relationship with a narcissist, have you ever wondered that the narcissist loves the new supply more, than they had ever loved you?

Does it seem, under no uncertain terms, that the narcissist loves new supply more?

Have you been completely disabled by the seeming about-face the narcissist has made with the new supply, sending you into a depression so deep you can barely get through the day?

Of the many fears that discarded partners of the Narcissist are faced with, the soul-crushing belief that the narcissist will be better for – and deeply in love with – the new supply is the worst.

In spite of knowing that the narcissist is a pathological liar (and consistently unstable), discarded victims are often 100% sure that the narcissist has miraculously begun toeing the line for the new sweetheart.

It’s a miracle, by George! The narcissist has changed! Their wounded former supply sees it on Facebook and Instagram, hears about it from the narcissist themselves, and is informed by their shared circle of friends that the narcissist has never been happier.

The narcissist’s friends and family can barely believe their own eyes, and even the neighbors walk around with their mouths agape, wondering what it is about the narcissist’s new partner that’s incited such a divine intervention of the narcissist’s wily ways.

Jeepers, if they’ve changed so drastically for the new partner, then…

…then it must mean there was something wrong with you – their former partner, right?  And maybe because of this, the narcissist was forced to find love elsewhere. And because the new lover’s love is so celestial and the depth of their devotion so staggering, the narcissist loves new supply more.

They really have changed and they love the new partner more than they ever could have loved you.

Let’s pause for a moment of reflection.

No one can say that it can’t happen. However, the probability of it happening is slim-to-none.

In other words, I cannot guarantee that this event would never happen, but I would bet large sums of money that it wouldn’t.

The chances that the narcissist has changed for the new supply – simultaneously falling head-over-heels in such love that it’s been blessed by Eros and Aphrodite themselves  – are about the same as my constructing a drone for the Department of Defense, all without an instructional pamphlet.

The narcissist is a skilled and convincing actor.  After all, they fooled you into believing that you were the love of their life, perhaps even their past lives.

How long were they able to keep up the charade? Months? Possibly years?

Then, after their mask started slipping, they likely expected you to keep up appearances in front of everyone. Still yet, when you discovered their lies, online dating profiles, and infidelities, they convinced you that they had reasonable justifications for it all.

Perhaps, somehow, in spite of their love crimes they still wanted you and were in love with you.

And so it will be with the new person.

You see, they not only have to convince you that they’ve found their soul-mate and best friend in the new supply, but they also have to get everyone else on board, too.  It’s essential that you doubt your memories; distrust that what they did to you was so bad after all. The narcissist must make you and everyone within a 100-mile radius believe that you exaggerated everything and – further – are delusional and unstable.

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In other words, that the narcissist did no wrong and they’re just an innocent human trying to find real love.

What better way to do that than to trap a new supply into their web of deception and get them to drink the Kool-Aid? Thus starts a fresh round of love-bombing, complete with vacations, a church with the kids, and an engagement ring.

Voila! Presto-chango!

This crusade is one they can wage for perverse periods of time. It’s important that you don’t internalize this as meaning the new supply is any better than you or possesses the special kind of love that you couldn’t give.

The narcissist doesn’t want to be suspected of wrong-doings, nor accept one molecule of accountability for their actions, thus the Great “I’ve Changed for the New Person” Hoax.

The Truth About Whether The Narcissist Loves New Supply More

Has the narcissist fallen in love with the new person?

The narcissist may seem happier in the new relationship, and there is a very simple reason for this. The new partner simply does not know the narcissist the way you do.

The narcissist has planted the seeds of a convincing and tantalizing screenplay in the new person’s mind. In turn, the new supply is mirroring back to the narcissist exactly what the narcissist needs in order to feel like the best partner and lover that anyone could ever have in their life.

At first, the narcissist will put forth painstaking effort to keep this charade going because it fills the eternal emptiness the narcissist feels.

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  1. Avatar of Abraham Blackhearty

    One of the worst things narcissist can do is to blame others, everything that has gone bad with relationship is always someone elses fault. They will find a way to drain your energy, to suck you the point where you start to question your own emotions and character.. If something goes wrong it is because you suffer from mental illness or disorder. Narcissist never question themselves, narcissist can not change.. Narcissist will go to the point of accusing someone else to be narcissistic just so they can victimize themselves.. Its all about victimization, remember that..

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