How To Rebuild Your Life After Being Broken By An Emotional Psychopath

Broken By An Emotional Psychopath: How To Heal And Move On

She was an ordinary girl, with ordinary dreams and hopes. She had faith in love and deep down in her heart, she knew her story would have an ideal ending.

Not that she wasn’t familiar with stories of toxic relationships, where a person was left broken by an emotional psychopath, but she never thought those horrifying tales would become her reality.

“Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the one person who you thought would never hurt you.” ― Gugu Mofokeng

All along, she dreamt of a normal lifestyle where she is just happy– a dream we all share right? Her desires were simple– a place of her own, nothing fancy, just a cozy place she can call her own.

And a loving man by her side, who would admire and respect her for who she is and eventually, she would start a family with him. She wanted to teach her kids all the lessons she had learned in her life.

Is that too much to ask for? She just wanted some happiness and peace, and truth be told, a girl like her deserved nothing less if not more. Sadly, life set a different course for her.

All her dreams crashed and were replaced by nightmares. What was worse, she couldn’t escape this loop of terrifying nightmares that sucked the life out of her. Vibrant shades turned into gloomy, dark colors. Happiness became a distant memory– she was engulfed in misery and pain.

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She trusted her heart and believed that it would never misguide her. Unfortunately, this time, even her heart was deceived. Although her gut had warned her, she chose to ignore her instincts.

What a mistake! But he was so taken with her in the beginning; she couldn’t help falling for him despite the warning signs from her body. It was as if he had cast a magic spell on her. She responded to nothing and no one but him.

If only she had known that she was actually falling for an emotional psychopath who would leave her broken and change her notion of love forever.

When she met him, she felt all her precious dreams within arm’s reach. She could picture their house in her mind, him by her side, always guarding her against anything bad that might befall. She believed that she would finally have everything she wanted, that she would finally be happy.

True colors exposed…

How could this girl have foreseen the stealthy tricks he would use to control her mind and make her believe she was something she never thought she could be?

How could she have ever imagined that her own person would be manipulating and emotionally blackmailing her just to fulfill his selfish needs? That she will end up being broken by an emotional psychopath?

If only she had known how cunningly he would shatter her dreams and break her down completely.

She began to see the true nature of things when he could no longer keep up his act. The fairytale she had been living all this while crushed to pieces, and her bubble burst.

He revealed his true colors. His purpose was served– to make her need him badly. She loved him deeply and wouldn’t find it easy to leave him or walk away from her dreams– and he knew that too well.

Deep down, she was aware of this truth, but she refused to admit it into consciousness.

She refused to accept that he was, in reality, poles apart from the man she had fallen in love with. Bit by bit, she witnessed how he transformed into that monster she had meant to stay away from all her life.

She was in denial because she was aware of how her life would turn upside down if she accepted the sad reality. And her current life would become the type that had always filled her with dread. She was scared of acknowledging how broken she might be after being in a relationship with an emotional psychopath.

Hence, she gave him chances after chances, hoping the next time he would be a changed man. But all in vain!

He kept on abusing her, and this non-stop molestation drained the last drop of strength until she became hollow — a mere shadow of her former, beautiful self. She was slowly being broken by an emotional psychopath.

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She was the one at fault, all the time. All his mistakes and shortcomings were somehow turned around and blamed on her. Not once would he admit and apologize for his faults. He was incapable of remorse, regret, or understanding how he hurt her.

That’s the thing about an emotional psychopath; he simply cannot understand how a person might be broken and hurting because of his actions.

She had much to give to the world. Her gifts of compassion and generosity would do wonders if used for the betterment of mankind. But he couldn’t stand it– it made him insecure and jealous to the core.

He wanted ultimate control over his girl. He wanted her to be timid, powerless, and cowering in a corner, pleading before his absolute power and control.

When the toxic emotions of jealousy filled his mind, he became more intolerant towards everyone associated with her. He wanted to cut her off from her support systems and imprison her in his ruthless trap. Being broken by an emotional psychopath slowly snatched everything she loved from her.

Calling him self-centered would be insulting the word. He was wrapped up in himself so badly that no emotions could penetrate his harshness. His self-obsession was endless– as long as his needs were satisfied, all was fine, otherwise, all hell broke loose.

He would try to make her believe things that were completely untrue– that’s how he manipulated and brainwashed her.

Emotional psychopath
How emotional psychopaths manipulate and abuse you

He knew all the tactics to exploit her love for him. He knew how to convince her that it wasn’t a mistake on his part, that it was she who misunderstood and overreacted. He did it each and every time he wronged her until she herself began to believe that she was the one at fault, that something was wrong with her.

She thought she was losing her mind and going crazy. She thought she should seek help and fix her mental problems. But she trusted the emotional psychopath blindly, believing that he was the one who would save her when in reality, he was the monster ruining her.

But there’s something that the emotional psychopath overlooked– the indomitable spirit and hope growing inside her slowly but surely. After every episode of blaming and crying, a tiny ray of courage ignited within her.

His continuous ill-treatment, manipulations, and false accusations nearly finished her. She experienced the darkest and most depressing phase of her life and felt completely hopeless. But he never could have imagined that the tiny ray of hope and strength left in her would grow strong enough to break free from him!

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The journey of healing after being broken by an emotional psychopath

She was devastated, broken, and left so lonely by her emotional psychopath boyfriend, but she decided to fight for herself, her dreams, and her life. Her story wasn’t finished yet, not until she wanted it to.

She realized her journey didn’t have to end just yet. In fact, it would actually begin once she left him. She learned to let go of her need for him. She healed her wounds. She turned a deaf ear to what the world thought of her. She didn’t let her pride mess with her healing process.

The journey of healing from an emotional psychopath was a long one. She had to rebuild herself from the ashes and rise again like a phoenix.

She was victimized by this man for too long. He drained her of her essence and destroyed her to the core. And she will be a mess for a long time now, but that’s okay. She will bury herself in her bed and cry often, and that’s alright too.

She has the right to doubt people, especially those who try to enter her life and offer free help. She will suspect every person wanting to connect with her.

But can she help it? The emotional psychopath turned her into this person. Her self-worth was almost non-existent. But she has it in her to heal and be happy once again.

Her dreams have changed. Love no longer had a place in her life. Those were her old dreams before she knew him, which were shattered irreparably.

And she knew she would be scared to give her heart to someone again because her perception of love was altered completely– it was no longer beautiful in her mind.

Love felt like a pain because of him, and it would be that way for some time now. He made her hate the experience of love. Through his manipulations and emotional trauma, he made her want to run away from love. She wouldn’t be able to fall in love again, not unless she found her old self.

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She never got the chance to experience true, selfless love, and enjoy the safety and support that comes from a place of genuine care. Her image of love was one of neglect, loneliness, and lots of pain– a picture far from the true nature of love.

It will take a lot of time and healing before she can trust someone again and open her heart to love. But on the other side of doubting and resisting is acceptance. Because true love finds a way to enter your life, it doesn’t give up.

Right now, she needs to be alone. She needs as much time as she can have to heal her wounds, reformat her thoughts, understand her feelings, and set them right. She needs to make sense of right and wrong. This is her second chance at life, she has to learn to live it well first.

But one thing is for sure– she will win this battle. She will emerge as a stronger woman who never gives up. No matter how broken she feels because of the emotional psychopath, she will find that last speck of strength to fight for herself.

She will be a pillar of strength, as strong as a storm-ravaged night that survived. In the end, the loss is the emotional psychopath’s, who tried so hard to destroy her but failed, nonetheless.

The truth is that her life can never be the same as it was before the abuse. But her experience has helped her develop a down-to-earth view of life and taught her numerous things.

Healing from an emotional psychopath
How you can heal from the pain caused by an emotional psychopath

It enlightened her, giving her a thousand reasons to be happy with life. She is aware that she has just one chance at life, and she won’t waste her precious time wallowing in self-pity, and accept nothing less than the absolute best.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Cayla Mills

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May you never have to experience the life-shattering feelings that fill you when you are broken by an emotional psychopath…but if you have terrible experiences to share, do share your thoughts in the comments down below!

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who's Broken By An Emotional Psychopath
How Life Changes After Being Broken By An Emotional Psychopath
Life Changes After Being Broken By Emotional Psychopath Pin
How Life Changes After Being Broken By An Emotional Psychopath
emotional psychopath

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  1. Gladiola Avatar

    My love life was never a good one… sometimes, i being a jerk had spoiled it… then the next time ppl have broken me from inside…. i raised myself .. ,,started from scratch… and became stronger. Recently i have faced such a traumatized experience, it has left me to self doubt. My marriage was almost fixed with a dominant person, who loves to scare me off from every little things… he used to enjoy after making me cry. But during that phase when i was suffering, my ex bf ,whom i left bcz he was a total emotional unavailable person and a self centred man,,,, proposed to me again… showing a lot of care, concern..that i actually thought he has changed, and which gave me courage to move out of that abusive relation.
    Initially it was fine… but soon he started showing his true colours….those colours by seeing which i had broke up wd him 10 years ago. I begged, i cried for his time… but he kept me waiting..and left me self doubting myself that i might be overreacting.
    Somehow i came out of him.. but he hardly cares.
    Now recently i was talking to a guy for marriage purpose, i am so broken and doubt everyone, that i thought that might be like my ex only… not paying attention, and doing time pass as he is not giving time to know me or let me kw him. So i left him.

    Now that has created a self doubt inside my mind… am i at fault???
    Do i need some medical help???
    I dont kw.

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