Why The Girl Who Fixes People Often Ends Up In Toxic Relationships

Girl Who Fixes People Often Ends Up Toxic Relationships

Girl, you are too good for this world. Here’s why the girl who fixes people gets into toxic relationships.

‘I was your cure but you were my disease, I was saving you but you were killing me’ – Unknown

1. She sees the good in everyone.

“I can see beauty where others see ugliness. That either makes me an artist or a person with very poor taste.” – Unknown

She’s always going to look for the best in people. She’s always going to swear she sees something under the surface. And sometimes she is true.

Sometimes she tries to pull it out of them. But when you have to try that hard it isn’t that the person isn’t worth it but these people end up draining any light and all the good energy from the best parts of her.

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2. She likes the challenge.

She gravitates towards these people because she likes projects. She likes complexity. You give her a guy who is simple and normal with no baggage she’s going to get bored.

She likes the people have an edge and chip on their shoulder. She likes people who are guarded. She likes people who push her away. Because when she finally earns their trust, love, and loyalty she knows it wasn’t easy but worth it.

He likes seeing how far he can push her and she pushes him too. This becomes toxic when they fight. They are constantly challenging each other like it’s a death match. Eventually, they realize they just keep hurting each other.

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3. She doesn’t give up easily.

Even when it’s someone who might not deserve her effort she doesn’t give up on him and they run in these toxic circles of him pulling away and coming back and them never really having a functional or stable relationship.

He likes someone who cares that much and she truly believes from the bottom of her heart its love. But sometimes girls who like to fix people give love without demanding it to be reciprocated and that’s when it becomes toxic.

4. She plays the role she needs to.

The girl who tries to fix someone always tries to be what someone may need even if it means compromising her self-respect to appease him.

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And he gets in the habit of using her. Maybe it’s emotionally. Maybe it’s physically. But the girl who tries to fix people let toxic men get away with it. And in return, she might be what he needs but he will never be the rock she can rely on and needs herself.

5. She’ll try and heal him.

She’ll love him unconditionally thinking that’s enough.

But toxic men have things in their lives and in their past they can’t heal from. They just learn to live with what happened to them. They hide the pain like it didn’t happen.

This becomes toxic because she tries to make him address things in hopes that talking about it will heal him. But even he if trusts her enough to tell her what happened she’ll never truly understand unless she experienced it herself.

And that’s where the line will always be with them. She has a heart of gold with the best intentions. And he’s dark and complicated and sometimes heartless when he wants to be.

Girl Who Fixes People
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