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Favorite Animal

Humans are naturally designed to love, coexist, and be cautious of animals. We are all part of a big family nurtured by Mother Earth. No wonder all of us have a favorite animal. But what your favorite animal says about you? Read on to know.

Our favorite animal is a reflection of who we are!

If you love animals, then chances are you have a favorite one from among the diverse species that exist on our beautiful planet. It may be a domestic or a wild animal, but you know deep in your heart that you love and adore them. You like how they look, how they behave, their attitude, and the way they are. You can even relate to them in some way as our liking is mostly geared towards their personality.

Yup, that’s right. Science reveals that every animal has a unique personality and this is the factor that plays a huge role in the selection of our favorite furry or scaly being. Every animal has a distinct personality and character traits that are associated only with them. Some are strong and courageous while others are friendly and empathetic.

Personality is not a uniquely human characteristic and it has been documented in a wide range of organisms, from mammals to birds, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates,” explains a recent 2021 study. Your preference for a particular favorite animal over the others shows that you share certain personality traits with them.

Studies reveal that human-animal interactions can positively affect our thoughts, emotions, and moods, improve our mental and physical health, increase trustworthiness, improve learning, reduce aggression and improve our empathy levels. A recent 2021 study has found that human-animal interactions during the COVID-19 lockdown phase had a positive impact on the improvement of our wellbeing and mental health and caused sadness and grief at the loss of an animal during this period.

With over 50% of all households in the Western world having a pet or a companion animal, it is no wonder that they have become such an important part of our lives and significantly affect our health, emotions, mood, perceptions, and personality as well.

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What your favorite animal says about your personality

We usually pick our favorite animal when we are children while learning about the amazing animal kingdom. As we grow and learn about them more, we adore and respect them even more for their specific characteristics which often reflect in us.

However, it should be noted that the personality traits mentioned above are solely for entertainment purposes and may not be scientifically accurate or classified. These are meant to give you an idea about common tendencies in humans and animals.

Here is what your favorite animal says about you psychology:

1. Dogs

what your favourite animal says about you

Love dogs? Then it means you’re loyal, friendly, kind, playful, agreeable, outgoing, energetic, and a caring individual. You are an extrovert who loves to socialize with your loved ones and you love your family. You enjoy relationships and companionship.

You are assertive, confident and know how to stand up for yourself. You are protective in relationships and can do anything to defend your family & friends. Just like dogs, you are empathetic, positive and a loving person who cares about others selflessly.

However, you can easily feel lonely or bored when no one is around and feel sad when rejected or isolated. Although you have a carefree attitude, you have trouble having an open mind. Regardless, you always look on the bright side of people and situations.

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2. Cows

what your favourite animal says about you

For people whose favorite animal are cows, love is the most important thing in life. You love to love others and be loved in return. You enjoy different things about life and prefer to enjoy the little things and moments that make life meaningful & memorable.

You are brave, assertive, stubborn and can be devious when needed. You prefer to take the lead and be in charge but can be considered bossy at times. You are cool, composed and creative and value your health. You are fun to be around and value your friendships and relationships.

3. Fish


Researchers have found that fish can have personality based on behavioral consistency. If you have fish as pets, then it shows that you are an optimistic, calm, content and emotionally resilient individual.

You are a grateful person who knows how to be satisfied and happy with what you have and yet strive to explore new horizons, just like how your finned friends explore the vast expanse of the ocean. You have an excellent sense of humor, and are intelligent and smart.

Although you are not materialistic, you know what you want in life. You value living a routine life, being comfortable with yourself and understanding your own worth. 

4. Cats


If “meow” is your favorite sound, then you are a free-spirited rebel. You are a goal-oriented and motivated person who can face any obstacle to pursue your dreams.

Similar to your favorite felines, you love being independent, prefer competing tasks by yourself, love to take the lead, and tend to be curious.

You are a highly intelligent individual who doesn’t seek attention but is loving toward your family. You enjoy living in solitude just like your low-maintenance cat. You are a born leader who is creative, funny, adventurous, and always hunting for the next big opportunity. However, you are likely to be an introverted, anxious, and neurotic individual who has a penchant for breaking rules.

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5. Rabbits


Almost all of us love rabbits but if they are your favorite animal then it shows that you are an intuitive, gentle, and peaceful individual. You are a quiet, sweet, and warm-hearted person who has a kind and soft nature. Although that may make you seem feeble, you are undoubtedly strong and realistic.

You are highly practical in your approach toward life, have realistic imagination, and know how to survive the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. You analyze your environment carefully and focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

6. Horses


If your favorite animal is a horse, then you thrive on independence and adventure. You have a resilient, confident, and free-spirited personality that empowers you to push through all hardships.

You may become impatient or annoyed when your independence is challenged and you are not known for following orders. You are highly creative and imaginative and love to break free from social boundaries. You are powerful and strong yet gentle and kind.

Just like your favorite hoofed mammal, you are majestic, graceful, beautiful, classy, genuine, and always strive to be your best. You are also impulsive, restless, and cheerful. You tend to take time to form relationships as you can be shy and cautious when it comes to being vulnerable, but once you build a connection with someone, you are committed and loyal.

7. Birds


Are birds your favorite animal? Our feathered friends can also teach us a lot about who we are. People who love birds tend to be highly social, friendly, optimistic, and outgoing. You have an innate need to keep moving forward and tend to be very active.

You have a strong and dominating personality, you are willing to take risks and you don’t prefer the idea of being stuck in the same place for too long or settling down. You are an ambitious individual who will not hesitate to make sacrifices for their loved ones. You are also very expressive, caring, and polite in relationships and friendships.

Like the birds you adore, you believe in looking at the bigger picture and seeing every situation from a higher perspective. 

If the owl happens to be your favorite bird, then you are highly aware, sensitive, and intelligent. You love being a perfectionist and a realist. If you relate more with an eagle, then you are a determined and proud individual who values success but takes a holistic approach to life.

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8. Goats


If you adore goats, lambs, antelopes, deer or llamas, then you are motivated & determined to win. You are an assertive person and may have a tendency to believe that you are unique. At times you may nag, whine or throw tantrums to get what you want. You don’t like to be controlled and keep your distance from demanding people. You love having a “unique” personality that contradicts your appearance.

In relationships, you want a loyal partner who will pamper you and take care of you. But due to your expectations you may have a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship. However, you can also be trustworthy, caring and sweet towards your partner.

9. Monkeys


Is your favorite animal a monkey? Then you know how to have fun and enjoy life. You don’t take things too seriously as you enjoy laughing and having fun with your friends and family. You are entertaining, jovial yet intelligent who realizes that each and every moment of life should be celebrated and enjoyed.

Although you are incredibly sociable, you love being independent and flexible which means you often refrain from expressing what you truly think or feel. You may have a large social circle but you are very selective about who you’re close with.

Regardless, everyone enjoys your company as you can motivate and encourage anyone to taste the different flavors of life. Everyone around you likes you because of your genuineness and your goofy, curious, and impish personality.

10. Wolves


Unlike dogs, this type of canine is a lot more mysterious and like the majestic wolf you also have a mysterious nature. Similar to your favorite animal, you are an independent loner who is often seen as aloof. But you have close friends and loved ones who you consider members of your “wolf pack”.

You are mentally and emotionally strong which helps you easily adapt to different situations. You have high standards and are determined to achieve your goals.

You tend to act impulsively yet intelligently when it comes to overcoming challenges. Regardless, you are a responsible, content, and composed person, unless someone provokes you.

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11. Reptiles


Do you like lizards, snakes, crocodiles, or alligators? Reptiles are amazing creatures and people who like them tend to have a unique personality. You are independent and enjoy alone time. You don’t like to be the center of attention and love having your personal space. You are a reliable, hard-working, analytical, and goal-oriented person who can be unpredictable and unorthodox at times.

Although you may lack humor, you can be extremely witty and charming. You tend to have a mysterious persona that attracts people toward you and you can easily adjust your personality depending on the situation, just like the chameleon. Being reflective, you tend to be a perfectionist and criticize yourself a lot.

You don’t like to expose your insecurities or flaws, so you take extreme measures to keep them hidden. In relationships and friendships, you tend to be aloof and may discard a person when they may not be useful to you anymore. You get bored easily in relationships and believe that you can always find someone better.

12. Lions


You are the king of your jungle and a born leader. If lions are your favorite animal, then you are an extremely confident, brave, independent, and ambitious person who commands respect.

You are also curious and prefer to work or function on your own terms. Although you can follow others, being a leader comes naturally to you. You are also very protective of your loved ones and this is why everyone feels attracted to you.

You are mentally and emotionally resilient, humorous, warm, and sweet with your friends and family. You never shy away from standing up for the weak and helping the needy.

13. Tigers 


Another popular big cat, the tiger is a fierce and intimidating creature and if they are your favorite animal then it means you embody their personality to a great extent.

Your extreme confidence and mysterious demeanor intimidates others around you, while your impressive leadership qualities make sure you achieve the goals you set in your life. You don’t have time to care about what people think about you as you are an independent, wise, creative, patient and determined individual.

You are the manifestation of power and charisma which makes you highly attractive. You have a clear vision and plan for your future and you love to inspire others to be resilient and courageous.

14. Bears/Pandas


If you have chosen bears as your favorite animal, then others may often misunderstand you due to your mysterious nature. You are a brave, strong, and resilient person who is also protective and caring. Your loved ones can depend on you in the face of adversities as you often take care of others like a parent. You have a very warm and pleasing presence which is why everyone wants to be around you.

You are also extremely empathetic, kind, compassionate, and altruistic, which means you can not only understand what others are feeling, you often go out of your way to help them. However, you tend to be a loner who knows how to stand up for himself and his loved ones.

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15. Dolphins


When your favorite animal is cute, friendly and playful, then it indicates that you are a social butterfly who feels comfortable around everyone. You are smart, intelligent and easy-going which makes it easy for you to connect with others and make new friends.

You like following a set routine and you know exactly what you want. You have a clear understanding of yourself and others. You love animals and tend to be kind and empathetic. You are also very loving, affectionate, passionate and romantic. You love helping others and making others feel safe and happy.

16. Elephants


Similar to the majestic elephants, you are a wise, confident and mentally, emotionally & spiritually powerful person. You are a loving and caring individual and you never hesitate to protect your loved ones, just like your favorite animal. Your intelligence and wisdom inspires others to seek advice from you and your trustworthiness motivates them to open up their secrets before you.

You are a natural leader and often guide others while taking their suggestions and understanding their perspectives. You are also very charitable but know how to deal with mean people well. You are a self-assured person who accomplishes their goals at their own pace.

17. Turtles/Tortoises


You are a sensitive and intuitive person who is able to tell what someone is feeling. You tend to be introverted and don’t really enjoy being social, just like your favorite animal.

You don’t like being the center of attention and prefer to blend with others. However, people may underestimate you as you refrain from showing your true skills, talents and personality. You love being with yourself and are very mentally and emotionally strong.

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18. Giraffes


People whose favorite animal is a giraffe tend to be really nice people. They can also be quirky yet liked and respected by others. If you love giraffes, you are clear about your likes and dislikes, and you always get what you want regardless of how far you need to reach.

You are both clumsy and graceful. You are also headstrong, have a strong willpower, always seek the truth, appreciate art and hate being criticized and lied to. You are humble and modest and hate arrogance. 

19. Whales


As a person who loves whales, you are an intelligent individual who knows where you are in life and what direction you want to take next. Much like the majestic whales, you prefer routine and may have trouble adjusting to change. However, you have a strong sense of self and you are devoted towards your loved ones.

Although you may have a relaxed and laid-back attitude, you never shy away from taking the lead when necessary. You love to reflect and introspect about your life and may make certain life decisions based on your emotions. Regardless, you are highly equipped to deal with and overcome any type of adversity and obstacle in life.

20. Penguins


Are penguins your favorite animal? Then you probably like to observe others while staying aware of people’s behaviors. You are courageous yet cautious. You are intelligent and talented but do not like to bask in the glory of your skills or accomplishments as you are highly modest.

You love to talk with people and make new friends while being cautious of their intentions. Yet, you are generous, kind and helpful with a very positive attitude and optimistic personality.

You dislike people who are loud, rude, and obnoxious or people you tend to mess with you. You can judge people pretty accurately and tend to cut people off if they are harmful or toxic toward you. You prefer equality, fairness, and justice over success.

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What’s your favorite animal? 

As mentioned earlier, the personality traits mentioned here may not be scientifically accurate, but these are some of the most common traits observed in people and the corresponding animals. Regardless, these animals can reveal a lot about who you are inside. If you love different animals, then your personality involves traits from multiple animals which makes you an even more interesting individual.

Loving an animal is one of the greatest joys in life and it can be even more special when they can help you discover more about yourself.

Is your favorite animal on the list? Do they match your personality? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share this favorite animal quiz with your friends and folks.

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