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11 Signs You’re A Wolf Surrounded By A Flock Of Sheep

Signs You’re Wolf Surrounded By Flock Of Sheep

Do you think you have signs of a wolf personality? Wolves are complex, highly intelligent animals, caring, playful, and devoted to family. People love them for their confidence, pride, loyalty, and spirit. There’s a lot to learn from the virtues they possess.

“We are wolves, which are wild dogs, and this is our place in the city. We are small and our house is small on our small urban street. We can see the city and the train line and it’s beautiful in its own dangerous way. Dangerous because it’s shared and taken and fought for.”
Markus Zusak, Fighting Ruben Wolfe.

Wolves are extremely strong warriors among the animal kind.

Are you a true warrior who stands tall against all odds? Who remains calm no matter how strong the storm is? Are you the wolf among the flock of sheep?

If you want to know, then look for these 11 traits:

Signs Wolf Surrounded By Flock Of Sheep
11 Signs You’re A Wolf Surrounded By A Flock Of Sheep

(1)  You are  extremely ferocious:

Wolves are ferocious when it comes to hunting their prey or protecting their loved ones. If you are brutal in your ways, be it attacking or defending, then you possess the characteristics of a wolf.

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(2)  You do not give a second chance:

Wolves never show any mercy. If you too do not give others a second chance, you have the traits of a wolf.

(3)  You have pride but you also learn from others:

Wolves understand the real meaning of pride. While they do not bow down before their inferiors, they do not shy away from learning from their superiors either. They are proud and they always try to upgrade themselves. If you learn from others without letting your ego interfere and at the same time, remain firm to your inferiors, you have the characteristics of a wolf.

11 Signs You’re A Wolf Surrounded By A Flock Of Sheep

(4)  You are courageous and accept your uniqueness:

Wolves are fearless creatures. No matter what the situation is, they wouldn’t let anyone intimidate them. If you are highly courageous and stay unique no matter how much others try to change you, then you are truly a wolf.

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(5)  You have a remarkable sense of determination:

Wolves are remarkably determined. If they take the decision they will hunt at a certain time, they will do it irrespective of the weather or other changing circumstances. If you possess that strong determination and remain focused on your goals, always setting new ones, then these are clear signs of a wolf personality and this will help you achieve a lot in life.

(6)  You are free-spirited:

Wolves are wild are free-spirited creatures. They hate to remain in shackles. If you live your life on your own terms like the wolves and do not let others interfere, then you are one of them.

(7)  You love solitude:

The wolf is a loner. No matter how much the wolf stays with the pack, at the end of the day, they love spending time with themselves; the wolf enjoys their loneliness. If you enjoy your solitude, if you are happy by being with yourself, then you are truly a wolf.

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(8)  You are a natural leader:

Wolves are natural leaders. They set rules for their pack, ensure discipline, protect the young ones, attack in a strategized fashion and defend according. If you too possess both the charisma and the qualities of a leader and others choose to follow you, then you are definitely a wolf.

(9)  You deal with everyone fairly:

Wolves are not biased. They will treat others in the way they are treated by them. If you too act without bias and treat others in the way they treat you, you have the traits of a wolf.

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(10)  You love the night:

Wolves are the soldiers of the night. They hunt when it’s dark into the night and hide behind the veil of this darkness. If you too enjoy this darkness, enjoy the late hours and feel pleasure in the unfathomable shadows of the night, then you have a wolf within you.

(11)  You are over-protective:

The wolf is protective of their pack. They would even risk their lives to save the ones they love. If you have this protective nature within you and can go at any length to protect the ones you love, then you have a personality like a wolf.

These are the signs of a wolf personality.

What do you think? Are you a wolf surrounded by a flock of sheep?

signs of a wolf personality
Signs You’re Wolf Surrounded By Flock Of Sheep Pin
11 Signs You’re A Wolf Surrounded By A Flock Of Sheep

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