5 Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have the Strongest Minds


Reasons Why Quiet Ones Strongest Minds

Just because someone is quiet, does that mean they don’t have anything to say? Or that they are quiet because they are dumb? On the contrary, the quiet ones have the strongest and loudest minds amongst all.

“Just because you don’t say much doesn’t mean people don’t notice you. It’s actually the quiet ones who often draw the most attention. There’s this constant whirlwind of motion and sound all around, and then there’s the quiet one, the eye of the storm.” ― Amy Efaw, After.

There’s a guy out there at the party. You see others around him talking, laughing, and socializing. The guy looks handsome but he’s quiet. He is with his friends but you don’t see him talking much. Nobody pays much attention to him because of his silence. You might think he’s socially awkward or he’s not smart. It might occur to you that he is feeling out of the place. Perhaps, he lacks intellect, and hence, he cannot communicate with others.

But are you really sure whether you are right or not?

We find a lot of people around us who remain silent most of the time. They usually don’t say much, be it in their professional meeting or a friendly one. In any social gathering, there are always two types of people: the extroverts and the introverts.

The ebullience of the extroverts can be noticed from the very beginning. They are always bubbling with energy; they are ready to talk to you even if you are a stranger to them and are always excited to share their ideas with you.

The introverts or the quiet ones are the ones people tend to miss out on. They remain so silent that they often remain unnoticed till the time they start to speak. They are keen observers and listen to each and every minute detail of conversations going on around them. Introverts observe the body movements and facial expressions of people and connect them to whatever they are saying.

They think as they observe. And finally, when they speak, their insight, their wisdom, their creativity creates something beautiful, something magical that takes all of us by surprise.

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Quiet people are the most intelligent among us. They are clever and creative. If you consider their quietness as a sign of withdrawal from society, you are making a big mistake. They aren’t as vulnerable as you think. The truth is, they are just the opposite.

They are the ones who are the strongest and you should never mess with them. Want to know why?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have the Strongest Minds

(1) They listen to others and know a lot about everyone else.

You are with a group of friends and most of you are talking. While you are talking continuously, you are focusing on yourself. At the same time, the quiet one in the group is observing you and others. Most of you are busy expressing your ideas and hence you can’t focus on what others are thinking or how others are reacting.

Since the quiet one is silent, they listen to what others have to say. They speak when there is nobody else left. When it is their time to speak, they know the ideas of everyone else, and having done that, whatever they say turns out to be wonderful and it’s a culmination of their own thoughts as well as the thoughts of the rest of the group.

Quiet Ones Have Strongest Minds
Quiet Ones Have Strongest Minds

(2) They are extremely good observers.

Quiet people fully focus on everyone else. Suppose you are busy talking to people in the group. You are interacting with them but your focus is on what you have to say or how you have to deal with things. There are some people who might frown or grin or share a laugh while you are blabbering continuously.

The quiet person observes everything. It becomes difficult to cheat on them because they have seen others.

(3) They are more focused than extroverts.

Quite people know the best way to utilize their energy. They have strong goals but instead of talking about their dreams and wasting their time, they are busy trying to achieve them. They will start their project on their own, share it with just some people who are required to finish it.

Once they are done, the rest of the world knows about it. This comes as a big surprise and the work too becomes unique because there weren’t too many cooks to spoil the broth.

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(4) Silence is a strength, not a weakness.

The quiet ones are the strongest ones in the group. Since they don’t reveal much about themselves, it becomes difficult to know their strengths and weaknesses. Silence protects them from being vulnerable. Talking too much and expressing oneself too much makes us open-books.

Quiet ones are in fact the smartest of the lot. They are clever enough to conceal their secrets and be the strongest.

(5) They do have social skills and know where to draw the line.

It’s a common misconception that quiet people don’t have social skills. They do have good social skills and they build them slowly with others. They enjoy deep conversations and bond with others from deep within. They enjoy going to parties and remain within their group. People who know them closely love them and admire them.

Introverts also know where to draw the line. They will not tolerate any misbehavior. If they are ill-treated, they will speak up for themselves and make sure the person gets the right punishment. They will not tolerate anything which is unjust.

Quiet people are amazing souls who reside in this universe. We have a lot to learn from them. Love them, respect them and once you bond with them, you will become stronger too.

Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have the Strongest and Sharpest Minds: Never Underestimate Them !
5 Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have The Strongest Minds
Reasons Why Quiet Ones Strongest Minds Pin
5 Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have The Strongest Minds

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