9 Habits of Highly Confident People

Habits Highly Confident People

Are you aware of the habits of confident people? Have you ever wondered how some people have an unshakable sense of confidence in themselves? Most likely, they have worked to know and accept themselves in a way that most people simply don’t.

“Accept who you are; and revel in it,” wrote Mitch Albom.

There’s nothing special about them that makes this possible. You can do it, too.

If You Want To Cultivate This Quality In Yourself, Here Are Nine Habits To Pick Up From These Deeply Confident People:

1. They Are Quick To Admit When They Are Wrong, And To Apologize When Necessary.

All of us make mistakes. A confident person accepts this and applies this sense of grace to others as well as themselves. They won’t cling to a disproven theory or defend an unkind action just to save face.

A confident person realizes that they lose nothing by admitting their humanity. By contrast, doing so presents an opportunity for improvement of self and connection with others.

2. They Cultivate Their Sense Of Courage.

A confident person may take risks that others would not. They may run for student council as the underdog. They may try out for a team they have little chance of making or apply for a promotion they are unlikely to land.

For a person of great confidence, the risk of rejection does not outweigh the opportunity for growth. These risks allow them to learn quickly and cultivate a sense of bravery. What would you do if you were not afraid to fail?

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3. They Ask For Help Often.

People who feel insecure may see the need for help as weakness or incompetence. Instead, confident people recognize it as a necessity. Strong people are built by robust support networks.

Very few people find success on their own. Asking others for help is a sign of humility, self-knowledge, and the ability to recognize strength in others. In fact, doing so usually improves the relationship between two people.

4. They Don’t Crave Attention.

Confident people are secure in their self-worth. They don’t need you to validate their existence. This sense of security allows them to put the spotlight on others, instead.

A confident person may feel comfortable on a stage, but they will rarely fight for the starring role. They are happy and gracious in helping others to shine. They don’t need attention in the same way as those who struggle with insecurity.

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5. They Take Care Of Their Bodies.

A truly confident person values their physical well being. Even the most spiritual of people find that nurturing their connection with their physical form is an important part of self-care.

This means getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. It means listening to your body and resting when you are sick. It means exercising in a way you enjoy and eating food that makes your body feel good. Care for your body. Care for your soul.

6. They Are Good Listeners.

A truly confident person will recognize that the most valuable thing they can do in any conversation is to listen. More importantly, they truly are listening – they aren’t just waiting for their chance to speak.

A person who lacks confidence will speak too much. They feel they have to do this to prove their worth to you, and to themselves. By contrast, a truly confident person is secure in their inherent value. They would rather expand their mind than their ego.

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  1. Avatar of Christine

    One thing on this list is another way of saying they are brave. Bravery. My definition is being afraid, but doing it anyway. Doing the thing when you are afraid.
    When I was perhaps 12 years of age, I had probably been taking riding lessons about 4 years. But no jumping. Had never jumped an ant hill on a horse. I had to switch schools, and my mother made it clear I had been riding for years, and “knew the front end of a horse from the back end.” Well, who doesn’t know that? The first day at this new school I was given a horse to ride who was just bigger and braver and I was so excited. His name was “Montego Bay,” and he could jump 4 feet from a standing start. Of course I had no clue he specialized in any talent. The first thing the class did, after a brief warm up, was start jumping! And it wasn’t a beginner jump, because clearly they knew I wasn’t a beginner, but they didn’t know I was beginner for jumping. The horse might have told them had they asked. I was never really afraid when I saw what we were doing. I just watched carefully those before me so I could mimic them and stay on the horse! I was experienced enough to know that part. The stay on the horse part. When my turn came, for which Montego was clearly waiting, he took huge confident ground covering strides and sailed over that jump with a foot to spare! Then he stopped on the other side of the jump, reins loose, looking over his shoulder to see where I had gone. He was not used to riders coming off either, and he never made conditions harder so rider would come off. I landed on my two feet, one foot on either side of the jump, uninjured, luckily tall enough for my crotch to barely clear the pole. No one laughed. This was my display of “over confidence.” There was a short convo with the teacher. “Had I ever jumped before?” Nope. “Why didn’t I say I had never jumped?” You didn’t ask. “Your mother gave us the impression you were intermediate student?” Not sure what I was. Just didn’t jump. Of course I was thrilled at the prospect of riding this amazing animal again, which I did, and won many ribbons in hunter classes. But I’m pretty sure I was over confident that day.

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