15 Things That Confident Women Compulsorily Do in Relationships


Relationships are like mazes with more than one exit points; everyone has their own take and there are seldom wrong answers that can’t be forgiven. People do things differently and hence they do relationships differently too. And this is primarily what causes the problems as well, incompatibility; when people’s methods clash and do not complement each other beyond a certain range, it is best if they part.

Coming back from the digression, let’s consider a particular type of person: a smart, confident and independent woman. Of course, her life-methods will be different too. She will live differently, love differently and she will function differently. As it is, they are a rare breed. A healthy self-esteem combined with the right amount of wishful pride makes a human being more socially and mentally healthy. The woman who embodies both these characteristics will be unnaturally free.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion,” said the great writer-philosopher Albert Camus.

The type we are discussing here; embodies this rebellion. She sticks out from the crowd like the beautiful wallflower she is, who doesn’t listen and prefers to try something new than to heed warnings. Living with regrets will not be her things but at the same time, she is going to be wise beyond her years. Consequently, to her peers, she would seem eccentric, weird even, but that won’t matter.

She knows she walks her road alone.

For all of us millennials who bask in the heat of self-hate, lack of confidence and bad life choices, it is best if we have one of them as a role model in our lives.

There is just something in the way she approaches a relationship that sets her apart from the rest.

So what does she do differently in a relationship that makes her unique as a role model? Why is she so inspiring?

Here are 15 things that she does better than you. Think of them as 15 things you should adopt in your relationships to make them bloom better.

1.  She doesn’t have nonsensical notions about her own worth

She knows for a fact her place in the world. She knows what her strengths are, what her weaknesses are and what she can do to work on them. And believe me, she does work on them. Hence her personality is forever dynamic: ever changing to meet the needs of herself, her partner, her relationship, life, and the world.


2.  She knows the difference between prioritizing the relationship and obsessing over it

She prioritizes the love of her life and makes sure to do everything in her power to make him/her comfortable. But at the same time, she also knows the relationship cannot and shouldn’t take up ALL her life. She also has a healthy social and works life to deal with. And she can juggle all three.


3.  She knows what and when to refuse

She knows when to stop. It doesn’t matter what, but she knows when to stop and say no, thank you. She knows when to work and when to rest.  Basically, she knows very well what is best for her.


4.  She doesn’t just flow with the current

Like the brave salmon, she remains true to her own self and her own roots. She is not a chameleon who tries to blend in with her surroundings. Instead, she is like a butterfly who sticks out thanks to her bright colors.


5.  She is expressive and articulate

She embodies the phrase “speaks her mind”. She is honest and not a conceited person by nature. She expresses herself the way it suits her peers: at work, she is succinct and articulate and not to mention ambitious, while at home, she is verbose, loving, affectionate and poetic even. In general, she is artistic in her way of life: creative and original.


6.  She understands her wants

She really knows herself. She understands her best interests and her wants, be it pleasure or work. She knows her ambitions and she knows how deep her roots are. She also understands where she is welcome and she is not; hence she is never an intruder.

Mykh Goldsteinhttps://noetbook.com
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