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7 Things All Quiet People Will Understand

Things All Quiet People Will Understand

Quiet people are very easily misunderstood because their silence and reserved nature tend to be confused with arrogance and pride. 

Being a quiet person can have its ups and downs, however, there’s just a certain lifestyle that a majority of us would prefer compared to our extroverted opposites.

Most of the time, we are misunderstood for the things that we hold dear to us as well as the things that we like to do in our spare time.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t like doing things that are out of our comfort zone it’s just that we like things to be a certain way before we truly commit.

Here Are 7 Things That All Quiet People Will Understand And Related To

Things Quiet People Understand
7 Things All Quiet People Will Understand

1. We like to do things with a purpose. 

Like we said before, we don’t normally do certain things unless there is a purpose behind it. We rarely commit to things that do not involve our personal input simply because we like to give our best to whatever it is that we want to demonstrate to others.

We don’t like stepping on others’ toes or competing with others and prefer doing things our way. If we truly think there is no reason for us to be there in the first place then we will most likely not show up.

2. It’s okay if you are busy, we understand.

When our friends are too busy or overwhelmed with something going on in their lives, we prefer that they take their time instead of rushing to spend time with us.

We do not want them to be constantly looking at their watch instead of actually being engaged with what we are talking about or doing together. When we spend time with our family and friends, we always make sure that they have our undivided attention. We never force ourselves to do that, and we expect the same from other people too. 

It’s really no trouble at all if you have other things going on at that moment, just let us know when you think you’ll be done and when you are ready to hang out. We probably have other things we could be doing anyways while we wait for them in the meantime. Quiet people believe in things happening organically, not forcefully. 

3. Not everyone understands us. 

Not everyone is capable of being our friend so knowing that fact alone should give you a pretty good idea as to what it means for us to be with our close friends.

We choose to hang out and be friends with people who accept us for who we are, not those who try to change us or make us feel that something is wrong with us. Everyone is different and for us the people who acknowledge that matters to us a lot. 

Not everyone is capable of understanding and respecting how we operate, that is why we trust them and like spending time with them who actually do.

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4. Being observant comes naturally to us. 

One of the best things that every single quiet person is good at is being an observer. Instead of talking non-stop all the time, we prefer to observe everything and everyone, and then give our input. We like to think before we speak. 

If you plan on getting to know a quiet person a little bit more than you do now, then expect them to be thoroughly observing every single thing that you say and do the entire time you are with them.

This is how we are able to understand people as well as situations a lot better than other people. Blurting out whatever comes to our minds is something we work very hard to avoid.

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