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100 Introvert Quotes That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Your Me TIME

Introvert Quotes Fall In Love With Me TIME

Since my Teenage Days, I had a fascination with literature and good quotes. I used to maintain a special Big Fat Diary for collecting and storing quotes, Quotes which fits into all occasions and moods. After all these years of compilation, Now I have a huge treasure box filled with some precious introvert quotes.

So many years passed by but my enthusiasm and excitements are still the same about quotes collection and compiling.

During the day to day chore routine and so-called mundane life, we need to find time for self. I always manage to steal some “Me Time” from my daily schedule. That’s the time when I cherish myself, I indulge myself and that’s the time I do pamper me with all these quotes, books and coffee.

I am sure even you have your version of “Me Time” in your life. Go through the below-mentioned list and enjoy your own companionship.

Today I give you the most comprehensive list of introvert quotes from my treasure box, I am not boasting but trust me this is going to be your one of the best collection.

Here you will find famous introvert quotes

Quotes about being alone, solitude, and other inspiring introvert quotes for you to enjoy, cherish and use them as and when required. 

1. “People empty me. I have to get away to refill.” ~ C. Bukowski

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2. “I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” Anne Frank

3. “I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

4. “You see things. You keep quiet about them and you understand. “ ~ The Perks of Being a Wallflower

5. “I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.” ~ Dau Voire

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6. “I am rarely bored alone; I am often bored in groups and crowds.” ~ Laurie Helgoe

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7. “There is a tremendous difference between alone and lonely. You could be lonely in a group of people. I like being alone. I like eating by myself. I go home at night and just watch a movie or hang out with my dog. I have to exert myself and really say, oh God, I’ve got to see my friends because I’m too content with myself.” ~ Drew Barrymore

8. “Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.” ~ William S. Boroughs

9. “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” Stephen Hawking

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10. “In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~ Rollo May

11. “What if you love knowledge for its own sake, not necessarily as a blueprint for action? What if you wish there were more, not fewer reflective types in the world.” ~Susan Cain

12. “Please kindly go away, I’m introverting.” ~ Beth Buelow, The Introvert Entrepreneur

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13. “A good rule of thumb is that any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are is the wrong environment.” ~ Laurie Helgoe

14. “Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” ~Susan Cain

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15. “Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and observe more than you know.” ~ Michaela Chung

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16.“Introverts crave meaning so party chit-chat feels like sandpaper to our psyche.” ~ Diane Cameron

17.“I am a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least.” ~Bob Newhart

18.“Let’s clear one thing up: Introverts do not hate small talk because we dislike people. We hate small talk because we hate the barrier it creates between people.” ~ Laurie Helgoe

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