5 Keys To Understanding And Loving An Introverted Man

keys to understanding and loving an introverted man

If you have spent half of your life sipping a cocktail, with loud music blasting in the background, I am sorry for you. This means you might have never come across an introverted man!

It’s not like an introverted man detests parties. Nevertheless, you have successfully reduced the probability of meeting a warm human, with a heart-melting smile, and an innocent charm that can sweep you off your feet. They are not quite like the ones at the bar, flirting away with strings of girls, laughing away at their own substandard jokes.

Introverted men are damn attractive.

Their shy eye contacts, fleeting glance, and gentle demeanor are sure to win hearts. But unfortunately, they go unseen and unheard. Understanding an introverted man becomes quite difficult for a woman as they are not vocal about themselves. It is just a part of their trait.

If you are an introverted man, or you are a woman who is drawn to an introverted man, understanding oneself or the man you are attracted to is important before you engage in a romantic relationship with him. The reason behind the failure of most relationships is a lack of understanding between the partners.

So, what are the few important things to remember about an introverted man? 

1. An introverted man opens up at his own pace.

‘Come out of your shell’ – that noxious expression which fails to appreciate that some animals naturally carry shelter everywhere they go and some humans are just the same. ~Susan Cain

With a man who is introverted, it is not easy to fathom what is going on below the surface. They are easily misunderstood as their way of expression is not quite like other people.

Introverts find it difficult to be forthcoming about their feelings and thoughts. But mind you, that doesn’t make him any less of a considerate, kind, and emotional person. On the contrary, their feelings run deeper than you think.

You need to provide them with the proper space, the optimum amount of understanding, the time to open up. Probing and poking them to open up about what is going on in their mind will never help. Instead, this will only make him withdraw from his shell.

Provide him the sweet time to open up. Once he is able to connect, he will share every little detail with you.

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2. An introverted man feels deeper than they seem.

An introverted man is like still water, seems absolutely unperturbed on the surface but the water runs deeper. They do not frequently express their feelings but their actions speak louder than words.

If you are dating an introverted man, you need to be observant enough to notice the small changes in their facial expression, changes in their body language, and tone of voice. This will not only help you understand him and give you a clue to what is going on in his mind but also enhance the connection between you both.

3. An introverted man desires an easy, open vibe.

Working under pressure, meeting deadlines, and domination are a few things that suffocate an introverted man. When he is in a relationship, too much drama, too many conflicts, and mind games will negatively affect their interest and commitment to the relationship.

While most of us would like a happy, cheerful and warm environment for our love to bloom, for an introverted man it is a dire necessity. They are able to reach the zenith of their potentials when a conducive environment of warmth and acceptance is provided to them.

Anything critically disturbing to their mental peace hampers their overall growth. They like people around them to be kind, friendly and a little laid back, and give them time to understand if you are vibing well with him or not.

Introverted man
5 Keys To Understanding And Loving An Introverted Man
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