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8 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Relationship Partners

Why Introverts Make The Best Partners

Why Introverts Make The Best Relationship Partners?


“Shy”, “anti-social”, “bookworm”… you can tag them whatever you feel like but introverts (type B personalities) love the way they are and they own it!

Yes, the typical Daria or Charlie you know may have come across as a socially awkward person who can only end up dating some imaginary fantastical characters.

But, IRL introverts can make an amazing partner, and the following are the perks of dating one.

8 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Relationship Partners


1) They Are Ardent Believers Of “ Action Speaks Louder Than Words”

Type B personalities may not be posting in bold fonts “my bae”, “love” and anything mushy-mushy on social media but, that doesn’t mean they don’t admire their partners.

Rather, it’s those small little gestures- that makes their partner so special in their life.

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2) “Patience” Is Their Second Name

Introverts hardly get caught up in heat of the moment situations. They would, in fact, analyze the situation and act all rational about it.

You won’t find a Type B personality saying it’s over for every lil thing.

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3) They Turn Out To Be The Easiest Going Partners

In fact, more than anything they love to give space to their partners so that they themselves can enjoy a good “me time”.

If you have a girl’s night out or just want to hang out with our friends, your introvert partner won’t create a fuss about being left out.


4) They Are Good Listeners

Introverts enjoy being the quiet ones. They can listen to you for hours and hours without getting tired or bored of it. While others listen waiting for their turn, Introvert listen to actually ‘listen’. They are natural empaths, who can feel what you say, cause when they listen, they do it with their hearts.


5) Introverts Are Always Improving As Partners And Also As Human Beings

You will always find an introvert partner thinking about why he or she should have done this or that. They are always reflecting upon their thoughts and actions which take them on a self- improvement journey. And when it comes to relationships, they get better like wine.


6) If You Are 100% In, They Will Be 200% All Yours

This is because to them quality triumphs quantity. They are selective with people and treasure those who are around.

It’s only obvious if you are a loyal partner, you’re in for a lifetime commitment from them.


7) Gossip Is Not Their Culture

Gossiping, bitching, spreading rumors whatever you may call it, introverts anyway hate small conversations, forget about actually sitting and complaining about others.

If you adore such quality in a partner, then this is definitely a perk of dating an introvert.

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8) A Drama-Free Relationship

The type B’s are usually not the nagging type. Introverts enjoy personal space. This means you don’t have to put up with constant text messages or phone calls every few hours verifying your whereabouts.

A drama-free relationship is what we all want!


Watch this video to know 10 signs an introvert likes you:

Introverts Make The Best Partners

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