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10 Things An Introvert Does When He Likes You

things introvert does when he likes you

Introverts are usually very difficult to understand as they keep themselves away from social events and many people in general. They tend to be on the more reserved and quieter side of the spectrum, and speak only when they feel that they will be able to add something substantial to the conversation. However, if an introvert likes you, they will show you a different side of theirs, which not a lot of people get to see.

Introverts are very selective when it comes to the people they allow in their lives, and if you are one of them then know that they really like you. When they are showing you their vulnerable side and telling you things that they normally don’t tell anyone, that means they like you.

Here Are 10 Things An Introvert Does When He Likes You

1. When he approaches you first.

An introvert normally doesn’t like approaching anyone to start a conversation, and they feel extremely uncomfortable if they are forced to do that. They don’t like talking too much to people they don’t know. But if he takes the initiative to come up to you and talk to you, then know that he really likes you. Because he is dropping his inhibitions and coming to talk to you himself, make sure that you respect that gesture.

2. When he opens up to you.

Introverts do not open up that easily unless they trust you a lot and know that you will never take advantage of their feelings. It’s a sure shot sign that an introvert likes you when he doesn’t feel any fear or anxiety when talking to you about himself and his life. Once he starts trusting you, he will tell you every little thing about himself. Opening up to others is a big deal for him, so when he is doing that with you, know that you are slowly occupying an important place in his heart.

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3. When he considers you his friend.

When an introvert considers you as his friend, it clearly shows that he trusts you and likes you as a person. Introverts don’t have a whole lot of friends, but the ones that they do have are extremely important to them. Once you are able to win the friendship of an introvert, he will consider you a friend for life and will always stand by you, no matter what. You will always be able to count on him for support and companionship.

4. When he allows you in his personal space.

Suppose, the introvert shows you the first medal that he had won in school during the annual sports or the video recording of his first drama performance in high school. This means that you are important enough for him to show you his personal stuff. Introverts like their space and don’t let anyone enter it that easily. If he is comfortable with you being in his personal space, then take that as a green flag, as you are slowly inching towards making an important place in his heart.

5. When he talks to you about his personal things.

Introverts don’t always talk about their personal stuff with everyone, and would any day prefer to converse about general and relatively unimportant things. But when you find him talking to you about the personal and intimate things of his life, it means that he is finally feeling comfortable and secure with you. If he is talking to you about his feelings, thoughts, and whatever is there in his heart, then he feels safe with you.

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