10 Things That Make An Introvert Happy


Things Make Introvert Happy

What can make an introvert happy?

For the longest time, being an introvert meant a world of misery. Everyone expected an introvert to enjoy time out with friends and have fun at parties, including themselves. Because the thought that someone might actually prefer spending some quiet time alone, instead of out painting the town red was unheard of. Thankfully with time, there is more awareness about introverts and how they function.

Introverts need are quite different from the rest, and so are their joys and tribulations. Some things that give happiness to an extrovert might cause great pain for the introvert, for instance- being thrown into the spotlight, unasked. But, focusing on the positive,

Here are 10 things which bring happiness to an introvert:

Things Make Introvert Happy

1. The awareness to be themselves

Many people still struggle with their inability to handle social situations without realizing that they are an introvert. This creates an internal conflict where they hate themselves for not adhering to what they assume is the right behavior. But by trying to imitate the conventional, they harm their own nature. Unless an introvert is at peace with his personality and knows their own needs and specialties- they cannot be happy. So the first step to happiness is the power to be unapologetically themselves.

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2. Time for themselves so they can recharge

Being an introvert is tiring. They are expected to function in a world which is full of noisy activity all the time. Stimulus triggers the introvert and there is nothing they can do about it. The same torture day in and day out leaves them feeling exhausted and drained. It is paramount that they get some quiet time each day, where they can recuperate, relax and rejuvenate their depleted energy resources. They need to catch up with themselves. If they don’t, they run the risk of chronic fatigue as well as mental exhaustion.

3. Conversations which enlighten and enrich them

Introverts feel everything at a much deeper level. They are not interested in gossiping about what is happening in some random person’s life. They would much rather have serious and possibly intimate conversations which expand their mental horizons. This is one of the main reasons why they struggle trying to have a good time at a party. Casual talks, loud music and being surrounded by a handful of strangers, is just not a natural environment for them. They would much rather spend their time talking at length with one person, than making the acquaintance of ten more.

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4. Friends and family who doesn’t force them to socialize

It is a general misconception that introverts don’t have/like to make friends. They do have their friends but it is usually a very select group who understands their special needs and that’s what can make an introvert happy. Due to the reason mentioned before, it can be quite difficult for an introvert to make friends. But the ones that they are friends with know that their introvert friend might not always be up for an adventure like them. And they respect the wishes of their friend; instead of guilt-tripping them into attending parties/socializing against their will.

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Watch this video to know the power of introverts:

5. Being able to stay silent for long stretches of time

These friends also understand their need to be silent sometimes and not speak a word. And they are completely fine with it. Introverts and by association their friends, know that it is not always necessary to be talking to enjoy each other’s company. Introverts analyze everything deeply and so it is natural for them to have long pauses in between conversation. They need people who don’t get awkward because of these gaps in the conversation and are comfortable in contemplating their own. After all, they do say that silence is golden.

6. People who understand that sometimes they might not have all the answers

It is not unusual for an introvert to run out of words to express how they are feeling. Most of the times, they are too overwhelmed by the intensity of their emotions to be able to articulate them in words. In such situations, being around people who can understand them despite the few words uttered is nothing less than bliss for an introvert.

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7. A time and a space to do things at their own pace

Nothing can make an introvert happy than a quiet sanctuary of their own. They are a thousand times more productive when left on their own, as opposed to working in a team. They also need this space to pursue their passions, away from the prying eyes of the world; a place where they can be alone with their thoughts and enough time in a day to be able to make this possible. It is true that an introvert has to maneuver through a world that largely operates according to the extroverts. That doesn’t stop them from carving a niche for themselves or change their need for solitude.

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8. People they can truly call their own

By now, you must have gotten an idea how important people, especially friends and family are for introverts. At every step of the way, they need the cooperation of these people who understand what they are going through and are ready to make any concessions for them. These are their people and they ensure the happiness of an introvert, every single day.

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9. A meaningful pursuit in life

Let’s be honest. Most of us are happy to work near terrible jobs, as long as they pay the bills. Not so much the case for the introvert. Unless they are doing something that mentally and emotionally satisfies them, they will remain flummoxed and unhappy. For them to be able to enjoy their work and be happy in life, they need to connect deeply with whatever it is they are working on.

10. Enough time to act, as well as react

They need time to do things at their own pace. Even more important than that, they need time to respond to things; at their own pace. They don’t have a store of ready gibberish to throw at the other person. They carefully and meticulously plan their correspondence. For them, people who are impatient and intolerant, are nothing less than the spawn of Satan. Under too much pressure to respond, they are often not able to function to the best of their ability.

Simple enough? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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make an introvert happy
10 Things That Make An Introvert’s Life Easier and Happier
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make an introvert happy

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