8 Paradoxes of Being An INFJ Personality Type

Paradoxes Being An INFJ Personality Type

The Contradictions In The Life Of An INFJ, A Kind Of Personality That Is Hard To Find

It’s not easy to find INFJs. They constitute less than three percent of the general public. But they’re very interesting because their traits look like they’re paradoxical. As an INFJ, I often think my personality is split into two. Let me tell you what life is like being an INFJ.

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8 Paradoxes of Being An INFJ Personality Type
8 Paradoxes of Being An INFJ Personality Type

1. I’m both outgoing and reserved

Most of the time, I want to be around people. I want to befriend them and connect with them and just hang out with them all day, every day. This line of thought lasts for exactly five minutes before I want to hide myself away from the world for half a week while I rest and catch up on my reading. I want to be a hermit, living alone without ever having to speak to other people.

8 Paradoxes of Being An INFJ Personality Type

INFJs tend to be introverted and extroverted. They like isolation but simultaneously, they want to hang out with those they can have intense discussions with. This is why INFJs can be quite withdrawn while also outgoing at the same time. I feel great when I hang out with people. I love analyzing them and figuring out what makes them tick. But if I spend too much time with them, I feel drained and I need solitude.

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2. I have a lot of feelings but I’m also stable

It’s both a blessing and a curse to feel the way INFJs do. They are blessed with the abilities of an empath and so, they feel exactly what the people around them do. I know that I can feel emotions very intensely. But at the same time, again because I’m an INFJ, I can also look very cool and collected to others.

It doesn’t matter what is going on in my head, no one outside will get even the slightest hint of it. This isn’t always good for me because I tend to bottle up things without letting them go. But there have been instances when I succumbed to powerful feelings. The people around me think I have hypersensitivity then. The feelings of an INFJ run deep and it’s hard to know what they are thinking.

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3. I’m practical but artistic

INFJs are fascinated with all the different aspects of a man’s life and they tend to express their observations in a creative manner. But they also have a scientist inside because they are both intuitive and thoughtful. This makes them look to logic and rationale for their conclusions. They achieve great success as doctors and scientists but they are also artistic and can make great headway in professions that call for creativity. This makes them well-loved both at work and outside.

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2 thoughts on “8 Paradoxes of Being An INFJ Personality Type”

  1. Hi Mykh, FYI this article resonated so much more with me than I expected that I’d like to start reading this blog of yours and talk to you through comments.

    I actually discovered what you say in “I’m both outgoing and reserved” when I started working. I totally agree on the feeling of being able to socialize most of the time while having the counterpart of wanting to simply stop talking and look around.

    The other item I definitely know about is having the feeling—or certainty—that most of the time no one knows what you feel. And going a bit further I also know the feeling of wanting to find someone who does—which I guess you found.

    The other one—and last—I loved was the item on communication. That one was way too real. I mean—I can be as awkward as it gets or simply great. The only thing I don’t really share with you is the feeling of my best “talks” being the ones prepared beforehand—the best ones are the ones when I speak from my heart not minding what anyone else can say or think and just focus on the impact these words have on the other person.

  2. To me, this all feels like the diagnostic of my borderline-sydrome in the year 2006.
    What does INFJ mean? Is this marked as a disorder or disfunction or is this like personality? I don’t know, if I have questioned the right way-if not, so I hope, that you know what I mean 🙂
    english isn’t my native language.

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