The Truth About Being An Introvert As Told By An Introvert

I’ve always been an introvert. There’s nothing quite like relaxing by myself with a good book.

Even if I don’t have anything to occupy myself with, I’ll just sit and dream. I’m the most forgettable person in almost all situations and I love that.


This is what it’s like to be an introvert.

1.  I crave solitude

Don’t get me wrong, I care deeply for those close to me but I also love having time to myself. Without people around, I can really concentrate on the things I’m passionate about.

I can do it all the way I want to and not think about how others would react. I can keep myself busy and I don’t really want to do the things others do when they hang out.

I Like Drinking Coffee Alone


2.  I get easily bored by conversations

I hate having to talk for the sake of it. Meaningless chatter just doesn’t sound right to me even though I force myself to do it now and then so I don’t seem rude.

I prefer to have a meaningful discussion with one person I truly connect with rather than be part of a crowd.

Sometimes I Go Out And Hear People Talk About Irrelevant Things


3.  I can’t handle spontaneous invitations

I’m a planner. It’s what I do. I have most of my days planned out well. I even plan my leisure hours when I can just lounge around and chill without having to be productive.

I’m genuinely happy when I get to do that so if someone tells me they want me somewhere in five minutes, I really can’t make that switch.

Introvert Inclusion

4.  I’m not entirely honest when I want to avoid something

While we’ve all been told to always go with the truth, it’s just too tiring to go into detail about what it’s like for an introvert with people who just don’t understand.

I do try to tell it like it is, but if I’m just too tired, I’ll just make up a good excuse that will allow me to maintain my friendship with the person who has invited me while saving me from a social situation I don’t want to be in.

I'm Not Antisocial


5.  I can’t handle crowds

If I’ve had to spend way too much time with others who I’m not really close to and if they are too many people and too much noise, I’ll just break down and cry no matter where I am at that moment.

I Prefer A Small Circle


6.  I will go to great lengths to hide from people

When I’m feeling too overwhelmed, I don’t care where I go as long as it is a private place. I’ve even spent some time hiding in a dirty toilet stall in a public place just so I could have a few moments of peace.



7.  Not everything I obsess over is useful

I do have moments when I’m considering the deeper questions about life, the universe, and everything.

But sometimes, my analytical abilities don’t serve me well. I obsess over meaningless quarrels for ages and ages.

Yes, I Do Enjoy Walking At Night


8.  I don’t care for too many people

I’m part of a close group of friends who I care deeply about but I can’t extend that to too many people. I find it hard to connect to others.

I'm Never Lonely


9.  It feels like I’m in a play every time I’m in a new social situation

Every time I meet someone new, I feel like I’m putting on a show. I’m constantly telling myself to look the in the eye, to look like I know what I’m talking about, to stand up straight, and so on. I’ve memorized a number of tips that help me look more interested.

The Fewer People I Involve Myself With The Happier I Become

10.  Don’t trust your initial judgment of me

I’ve had friends tell me that they didn’t like me too much when were first introduced to me. I can be reserved and that makes me look impolite. It’s just that I need a while to put myself at ease so I can open up better

I Reveal Myself In Layers

11.  I can’t flit from topic to topic

As an introvert, I measure my words before I say them out loud. But most people tend to move through conversations very fast and this makes it very hard for me to participate because I can’t keep up.

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Mykh Goldstein
I am a writer and an artist currently working on my first novel. I am also an avid blogger with a keen interest in spirituality, astrology and self development.
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