11 Struggles Only Introverts Can Relate To

Struggles Only Introverts Relate

Introverts are different, and it is what it is. In a world, where everyone is running around trying to achieve something or the other and are caught in a vicious rat race, it’s the introverts who focus on slowing down and living life in a calm way. But where extroverts are mostly the norm and being introverts the exception, naturally, a lot of struggles arise.

Introverts are very different from others. They have a different sense of fun and their complexities differ from person to person. The extroverted counterparts are adept at interactions and public relations. Introverts, on the other hand, find mundane tasks very taxing and interactions may seem a little difficult for them to conduct. These are just a couple of struggles that introverts have while dealing with the world every day. Want to know a few more?

Here Are 11 Struggles Only Introverts Can Relate To

1. You always feel that people don’t like you.

Introverts are naturally quieter and more reserved than people who are NOT introverts. Because of your reserved nature, most people tend to feel intimidated and unsure about approaching you to have a normal conversation. You might want to talk to someone and look forward to knowing them, but your introverted nature most of the time, stops you from doing so.

Despite all this, you want people to give a little bit more effort to want to get to know you and be friends with you. When you see that they are not doing that, you obviously feel that they dislike you and are deliberately maintaining their distance from you.

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2. You sometimes think that you need to change yourself.

Because you find it tough to socialize with people like others can, you sometimes wonder whether you should change yourself and try to be more like them. You think about whether you should work towards being more social when you don’t really want to. You simply want to fit in, and that’s why you think it is probably a good idea to change who you are.

If you are an introvert and you feel that you need to change yourself to fit in with others, then that’s one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Introversion is an inborn character trait, and it is not something you need to rectify. You are perfectly fine the way you are.

3. You overthink a lot. A LOT.

Face to face interactions with colleagues and acquaintances are harrowing when you are an introvert. You have this constant fear that you will say something stupid, make a fool of yourself, and then repent later. Overthinking is an introvert’s Achilles heel most of the time and can prove to be mentally debilitating too. Your overthinking always makes you think that a situation is far worse than what it actually is.

You want to be more chilled out, but your overthinking brain always stops you from being like that. As an introvert, you will keep on thinking about all the things that can go wrong, instead of being optimistic for a change and thinking that things might end up being okay.

4. You find it difficult to start conversations.

The fact that you find it hard to start a conversation is an understatement; sometimes it turns out to be impossible for you. This is one of the biggest struggles of introverts. Almost every time, your shyness stops you from initiating a conversation with another person, no matter how much you might be dying to talk to them.

You think that initiating a conversation will make you seem over-eager and desperate. You constantly tell yourself that you will make a fool of yourself and end up saying or doing anything stupid. Maybe you will think that the other person will judge you and your opinions and will find you annoying and that for you is nothing short of terrifying.

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