20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

Things Make Introvert Feel Stressed

When it comes to introverts, certain, seemingly normal, daily experiences can make them feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed. Here are a few worst experiences for an introvert.

Introverts are different

Introverts experience life very differently from an extrovert. They often face difficulty in doing certain mundane activities and interactions that appear normal to most others. In fact a 2011 study found that introverts process social stimuli differently from extraverts. As they greatly enjoy being on their own and living in their personal space, an introvert often feels stressed out when that is disrupted. Although one-third to half the American population are introverts, they are still greatly misunderstood.

introvert feel stressed
20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

So today we are going to dig deep and share some of the worst experiences for introverts that make them stressed out.

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7 things that make an introvert feel stressed

Here 7 anxiety-inducing experiences that can make any introvert feel uncomfortable and stressed out:

1. Social gatherings with strangers

Although introverts are not popular for their love for parties, they do enjoy attending small gatherings with their friends and family. Unlike an extrovert who loves to meet new people, introverts prefer more personal and intimate social activities. So when they attend a party thinking it will be only close friends and find out that the party is full of strangers, they get rightly stressed out. Although introverts don’t hate people, they do hate small talk. That’s why being stuck in a social event with strangers is nothing short of a nightmare for them.

2. Asked to be friendly

There is a common misconception that introverts are shy. And this is why they are often so quiet. However, that’s far from the truth. Being shy and being introverted aren’t the same thing. Introverts simply prefer being alone over socializing. They like to think and reflect about their rich inner worlds and observe their environment. So when someone asks them why they are being so quiet or that they need to be more friendly, introverts find it rather offensive. It shows that introverts are not good enough as they are and they need to change to fit into this extraverted world.

3. Getting attention

Introverts prefer to avoid the spotlight. Although some introverts do love to get attention and be admired, most find it rather stressful when they are pushed into the spotlight without their consent or any notice. So when they are being praised or acknowledged publicly, an introvert will simply want to run away and avoid all the attention.

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4. Forced to talk

Introverts simply hate small talk. They find it superficial, meaningless and mostly false. They would rather engage in deep meaningful conversations with their partners or close friends than engage in small talk in a social setting. This is the reason why they often hide when they are stuck in gatherings or parties. However, when an extrovert fails to understand nonverbal cues of disinterest in small talk and forces them to talk, it becomes a terrible and stressful experience for them. They don’t like to be pushed to communicate or do things against their will.

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20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

5. Not getting enough alone time

Introverts love their personal space and enjoy their time alone. It allows them to recharge themselves and engage in deep introspection. Research shows that people who are introverted tend to have a lower threshold of sensitivity for the neurotransmitter dopamine. As it makes introverts more easily stimulated, they need a lot of downtime to get inner balance. However, when their extroverted friends and family embers encroach upon their alone time and force them to hangout, they get annoyed and frustrated. This is why extroverts need to understand the introvert’s need to recharge them by spending some time alone.

6. Coaxed to be more extroverted

Almost every introvert has an extroverted friend who makes it their life mission to make the introvert more outgoing and social. Many people misunderstand introversion as a character defect. But the truth is introversion is a healthy personality type and is not a personality disorder. There is nothing to ‘fix’ in an introvert. Forcing introverts to become extroverted is not a cure for introversion. When their loved ones fail to understand this, it becomes very disheartening and disappointing for introverts. Introverts should be accepted for who they are without feeling the need to change them.

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